Smartphones for Mobile Marketing


Smartphones for your mobile marketing, certainly not a new concept. Why a mobile website for your businesses makes life so much easier?

Smartphones – its not just about a mobile website because you can add mobile marketing to your business to make it even more profitable.


Smartphones -John Mignano, Mobile Marketing Coach

For example using QR Codes for tracking your clients. QR Codes allow you to take your print media and make it mobile. Not only to track you also get valuable statistics…

Check out this Google video which explains the growth and use of Mobile Websites and the marketing process.

Smartphones – this video presents key findings from “The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Consumers,” a study from Google and conducted by Ipsos OTX, an independent market research firm

The smartphones findings come from research conducted at the end of 2010 among 5,013 US adult smartphone Internet users.

Google commissioned this research with the objectives to better understand how smartphones are used in consumers’ daily lives and how smartphones have influenced the ways consumers search, shop and respond to mobile advertising.

In your business you have a number of assets and operating system, our job is to maximise your online marketing assets so you get a higher return on investment (ROI).

Smartphone is the name of the game, and how to get more customers and increase the value of your assets. What so many local businesses do not know is they have hidden asset which are of course very valuable, as business coaches our goal is to help you capitalize on these hidden assets.

Most websites try and use traditional offline marketing techniques which do not work online and with some work we can turn this around.

Mobile websites is what most local businesses are totally missing out, and underutilized yet in today’s market is becoming a huge part of business success.