Mobile Barcodes

Mobile barcodes are specific type of a square matrix of black and white dots and these are becoming more commonly view on billboard and newspaper ads, product packaging or websites or on mobile tickets and coupons.

Mobile barcodes have developed from the common barcode found on all manufactured goods on supermarket shelves, only they contain a lot more information….

When a consumer or purchaser scans a mobile barcode with a camera phone assuming the phone has the appropriate software, depending on the data in code, it will hyperlink to customers mobile site.

These mobile Bar Codes are the graphical image that stores digital information, whereas linear barcodes usually found on products in store are 1D (one-dimensional), storing data in series of vertical bars.

Mobile barcodes store information in 2D (two-dimensional), vertically and horizontally as a pattern of dots.

mobile barcode

Mobile Barcode – scan for real estate virtual tour…

Mobile barcodes can be used and works in many ways, such as they can bring static marketing and advertising promotions on billboards or in press to life with mobile engagement and interactivity.

In trade, mobile barcodes can help shoppers by providing additional information on products, like nutritional or safety details or by adding products to a virtual shopping basket when shopping on the mobile Web.

By inserting mobile barcodes into product or delivery packaging, suppliers and logistics companies can more easily track deliveries and update stock information.

Mobile Barcodes are two common use case scenarios, moreover the consumer scans a mobile barcode in an advertisement or on product packaging using smartphone or the consumer presents a code displayed on screen of their device which is scanned in store or at an event to claim a discount or gain entry.

Mobile Barcodes are worked in such ways:

The customer scans: Barcode reader turns a camera phone into a barcode scanner, and this scanner may come pre-installed on the device and if not installed, it will need to be downloaded by the customer.

The mobile barcode or qr code reader by using camera captures image then analyzes the 2D barcode, which may open a mobile URL, start a mobile application or contact a call center.

The customer presents a code: if the customer has received a pre-paid m-ticket or a promotional m-coupon by multi-media messaging (MMS) or has formerly scanned a code from an advertisement…

Customer converts their voucher or verify their event ticket by presenting the code on the mobile screen to a staff member armed with a 2D barcode scanner.

Mobile barcode providers, like NeoMedia gives barcode-reader application away free of charge to consumers…click play to see how QR codes work via mobile landing pages!

The brand or advertising agency pays for the barcode-management package, which generates and manages unique codes, charged by number of codes issued or the number of codes scanned by the consumers.

Mobile Barcodes


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