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QR code billboards for grocery mega giant chain Tesco quickly evolving into virtual shop to solve the problems shoppers face head on…

Simple qr code or 2d barcodes technology to the rescue as Tesco wanted to quickly and cost effectively expand their brand and market share in South Korea.

So what Tesco did they do? They used a powerful twist on an innovative and simply brilliant idea.

QR code revealed – as you’re probably already aware, people are wired into their mobile phones, they’re sleeping with them!

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Now because people in South Korea work long hours, Tesco thought long and hard about their situation and shopping problems. The result was an efficient way to sell their products.

The Korean subsidiary Home Plus put up billboards in subway stations with their range of products, accompanied by QR Codes…

QR code or quick response codes so people can quickly and easily scan the QR code with their cell phone…groceries are delivered to their doorsteps.

QR Code, Business Cards

QR Code on Business Cards!

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Anyway, way back in 2010, mobile analytics firm Bango reported a 600% growth in traffic to mobile websites based on a study of 50 million phone users worldwide.

According to Bango CEO Ray Anderson, “The single most important app on any mobile device is the browser” to visit mobile websites.

ATTENTION: Listen closely to this…contrary to what you may think from the many Apple ads you likely see, the best selling phone manufacturers globally are Nokia, Blackberry and then Apple.

Proving again mobile websites are the most valuable asset and efficient way for businesses to reach customers via the mobile web.

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