Smartphones Connecting More Customers


Smartphones – why businesses are being left behind by rapidly changing platforms and increasing numbers of mobile users? How can you as business owner get more customers now…

Smartphones provide fast communications while offering successful customer experience merging social media and business results…
Want to know how to use cutting-edge technology to make more money, build better relationships with your customers or prospects and explode your profits like never before?

Smartphones – this isn’t a full scientific study, although the image perspective gives you some of the major mobile trends revealed…


Smartphones - Smartphone sales set to hit 420 million in 2011, 28% of the total phone market

  • How smartphones helps you get more customers better than anything you’ve used before (even if you’re already using video marketing)
  • Why proximity marketing is the new mobile phone call
  • How to be mobile ready and easier to find
  • Why convenience for your customer is a must
  • How to better communicate faster with your customers and prospects on a different level
  • Why Bluetooth marketing has now become social media research
  • How to quickly leverage visibility with long term brand awareness
  • Why a mobile website can save your local business…

Did you know almost 50% of Australians use smartphones? Did you know the mobile sector is rapidly changing? Gone are the days of just making calls and sending SMS text messages… 

The new generation of smartphones are utilising a multitude of geo-location functions allowing users to connect online wherever they are. 

As a result, mobile users more than ever before expect to be able to access websites and information quickly and easily from anywhere. 

Mobile websites are now a strategic and crucial communication tool, which allows businesses of all sizes to interact with their audiences on the go.

Smartphones work hand in hand for business, right? What’s in if for your customers? Without a mobile website, your mobile user’s experiences pianful, frustrating delays and navigation issues… 

Smartphones as you know use a much smaller screen size, differences in navigation and loading speed all play a significant impact on how your audience experiences your desktop website. 

Add to this differences in geo-location and inability for Apple products to load Flash. The reality is most PC based desktop websites do not meet your customer requirements when viewed on smartphones.

It’s clear to see negative affects of this on bounce rates from mobile devices being significantly higher if a mobile website is not available.

In essence, your mobile website is simply not a tiny version of your main website. The big problem is you need a different strategy optimised for the reduced mobile screen size and browsing capabilities of mobile devices.

Smartphones includes reducing content, less images used and providing a betetr user experience tailored to key needs of your mobile audience. 

Smartphones key requirements for a mobile website include:

  • Simple navigation
  • Fast download time
  • One click, simple, secure checkout for purchases
  • Targeted, easy to read content
  • Easy contact information

Why do you need a mobile website, which is optimised for all mobile phones, including smartphones like iPhones, Android and Blackberry? 

Because when mobile users visit your existing desktop Internet website you want them to automatically see your optimised mobile website easy!

Why take advantage of cutting-edge mobile technology by offering your audience quick and easier ways to connect with your brand in a whole new interactive way?

Because smartphones offers convenience for consumers with computing ability…advanced connectivity more than a standard feature mobile phone.

Smartphones offer powerful processors, larger screens, better graphics and features like music players and option to download mobile apps.

Smartphones are more like super integrated handheld computers…much more in terms of mobile phones you make or receive calls and SMS on.

Today we’re all living increasingly busier lives, so there’s a real need to be on the move. Quick, easy online access, the need has never been greater.

Smartphones offer convenience with powerful and expandable means to get internet access, email, calendars, mobile apps and so much more…

This increasing need has led to the never ending product development and popularity of smartphones such as iPhones, Androids and Blackberrys, along with several other smartphones available on the market.

In terms of proximity marketing, smartphones for mobile users means instantly receiving rich media content via Bluetooth especially via Wi-Fi.

Got a product or service to sell? Bluetooth marketing means the days of receiving simple 160 character text only SMS messages are obsolete.

What makes smartphones really exciting is these mobile devices provide your business with a different marketing medium, which is very targeted.

A proximity marketing campaign can be quickly setup for your business so prospective consumers within a certain proximity can receive engaging marketing messages to entice them to visit you.

Smartphones messages are delivered instantly via proximity marketing in the form of content, coupons, animations, video, audio and webpages.

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