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Mobile Website For Business

Mobile website for business and a mobile strategy goes hand in hand. Mobile is not really just about the mobile phone. The real purpose is interaction, connecting and engaging your customers.

Mobile website for business saves you a lot of time, pain, frustration and money, so let’s just cut to the chase because on a daily basis its unlikely there is still a small business owner who doesn’t use smartphones…

Mobile website for business gives your business 24/7 visibility…why do you need to be competitive and stay one step ahead of your competition? Click play button to watch and learn…

Mobile website for business because mobile web traffic will surpass traditional Interent wired broadband. Companies, leading brands and advertising agencies all understand the mobile trend is rapidily growing.

Mobile website for business is just too powerful to ignore because mobile is completely changing the way marketing and advertising campaigns are being developed.

mobile website for business

Mobile Website for Business - Integration of mobile marketing and social media for powerful mobile strategy

Here are the five reasons why your business brand needs a mobile website for business as part of a integral mobile strategy:

1. Large growing audience:  According to CTIA, there are more than 300 million mobile phones in U.S…current population of 312 million people.

Globally there are more than 5 billion mobile subscribers. The rate of adoption for mobile is overwhelming and incredible, compared to personal computers.

In June 2008, Gartner reported 1 billion people had PCs and estimated that number would reach 2 billion by 2014.

2.  Increasing consumer demand unlike traditional methods of marketing or advertising (direct mail, online banners, e-mail) mobile campaigns are based user actions.

As a result you need a mobile website for business because mobile consumers are more likely to be engaged and responsive.

According to 2010 Harris Interactive poll, 42 percent of men and women from 18 to 34 group identified themselves as interested in receiving text alerts from marketers.

3.  Mobile is personal – mobile numbers are tied to a person, where an internet connection is not.

This means demographic, geographic and device-type information is tied to a mobile number, which gives you abilities to create highly personalized mobile marketing campaigns.

4.  Superior response rates according to an Opus Research report,  mobile marketing or mobile advertising is faster and far superior to even Internet based online campaigns.

Mobile advertisng response rates are often twice to 10 times higher. In terms of ROI …that’s almost unheard of and a staggering number.

5.  Unlimited 24/7 access because mobile phones are our constant companions, providing instant access to content people want and crave, regardless of location or time of day.

Mobile website for business according to a recent CNBC report 75% of people polled never leave home without their mobile phone.

Mobile Website For Business - why put your business infront of your mobile customers 24/7?

Mobile website for business means integration of mobile marketing and social media for your powerful mobile strategy…click here to maximize your best buyers, optimize the way you connect and engage customers

Mobile Website For Business


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