What is Mobile Marketing | 5 Key Questions For Your Mobile Marketing Consultant

What Is Mobile Marketing

What is mobile marketing – mobile marketing enabling companies to communicate and engage with audiences interactively via mobile device or network. 

What is mobile marketing mobile marketing is typically wireless, although wireless is not necessarily mobile. 

What is mobile marketing – 5 key questions to ask your mobile marketing consultant. Can you effectively track visitors coming to your website via mobile phones?

That’s easy using Google Analytics, right? Just set up a mobile traffic filter and you’ll know instantly which mobile platforms and mobile web browsers are sending you traffic…

What is mobile marketing – can you track mobile application downloads? It’s easy to track how many people have downloaded your mobile application. 

What is Mobile Marketing

What is Mobile Marketing - Mobile marketing graph shows strong upward trends

Essentially a record is created anytime someone clicks a direct link to your application.  The technology for this process is available from any mobile analytics company. 

What is mobile marketing – can your account manager create and evaluate QR and 2D barcode campaigns?

QR codes allow you to see which marketing channels are performing best such as newspapers, magazines, store posters and TV ads, etc. 

Ask about the availability and benefits of various QR Code readers available on the market and QR moble reward program for business. 

What is mobile marketing – can your account manager recommend tools or services to convert regular websites to mobile sites. There are lots of tools available. 

Now, which offer the ease of use, reliability and customization you want?  Converting and testing your mobile sites before they go on line is the key to increased conversions and more money in the bank.  

What is mobile marketing – can your account manager evaluate mobile publishers and ad networks across multiple metrics. To get the most effective ROI you need to quickly spot the best mobile publisher. 

What is mobile marketingclick here for a great resource which shows how mobile ad networks are ranked across multiple criteria. 

This website makes it easy to narrow the mobile ad networks which are a good match or right for your business.

What is Mobile Marketing