Mobile Web Are You Being Left Behind?

Mobile Web

Mobile web has already arrived. Instantly access up-to-the-minute news, mobile tv, gps, content and information is at your finger tips even while you’re on the go…

Mobile web allows you to instantly contact friends and family anywhere, communication can all be achieved now with a tiny pocket-sized mobile device.

Mobile web via mobile websites are no longer an option for local businesses which need to be more profitable.Why? Because a mobile website is a necessity.

Mobile web is one of the fastest-growing segments in USA and Australia…a giant communications phenomena in the world. ABI Research indicates around 95 million mobile devices will be sold by 2012. Click play to watch and learn…

mobile web

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The release of iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, Android and Nokia mobile web devices have changed the way we interact and think about delivering content.

Mobile web – there are currently over 1 million people in Australia using their mobile devices for searching. What’s the difference between regular deskop site or mobile site?

mobile web

Mobile Web - Laughing and reading text message.

The answer is screen size, so a mobile website must be designed and configured differently to be usable by your customers, right?

Why do people create separate mobile versions of their websites? A Jakob Nielsen study shows why companies need to make it easy for their customers to connect and engage.

Is this the reason why they optimise their websites for use on mobile devices? A mobile website needs to:

  • Eliminate the need for side-to-side scrolling
  • Eliminate the need for entering text as far as possible
  • Deliver most relevant content to your customer while on the go

If you want to make life easy for your customers, communicate faster as a cutting edge company reaching people looking for your business while on the go…

Want to boost sales and return on investments (ROI), increase profits click here to learn more about maximizing the benifits of mobile web with a free orientation.

Mobile web is all about mobile websites for mobile devices, which are accessible to all different mobile users, and maintain the same high standards that people have come to expect on the standard web.

Mobile phone marketing and website development helps you:

  • Align with how mobile internet users intuitively expect to navigate sites
  • Mobile website professionally designed
  • Allows your customers to instantly connect or contact you with one click
  • Comply with W3C and .mobi guidelines
  • Mobi-site is an all-in-one mobile service, mobile marketing and mobile branding solution for your business.

We help you reach your target audiences faster including mobile website design and mobile web marketing strategies utilising cutting edge technology.

Find out how to get a mobile website with mobile marketing to maximize sales, better communications, branding and gets more customers to your door faster…

Why are big brands and companies leading the mobile website push? Simply  because mobile websites are not a passing phase for only the tech-obsessed.

Ultimately mobile phones and mobile websites are for mobile advertsing base company branding, represents an investment which pays off over the long term.

Some of the largest companies in the world use mobile versions of their desktop websites for mobile marketing and mobile advertising:

  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Ebay

Mobile web and mobile website design helps increase visibility and improves credibility as an industry leader by putting you alongside the likes of Facebook, Google, Amazon and Ebay on the mobile web.

Mobile branding and marketing experience utilising a mobile website nmeans you want to take advantage quickly to gain the full benefits.

Your mobile web customers are already visiting the above websites and they’re wondering why your site isn’t loading fast or as easy to navigate.

Mobile websites aren’t just about making life easy for mobile users and existing customers. Its branding and the big picture for your company.

Get in touch and find out how a mobile website makes a significant difference in ROI and improves your business results. Your desktop website isn’t cutting it anymore…

Do you want colorful graphs or real time engagement? Look, it doesn’t matter how many mobile visitors come to your desktop website. So what? Who cares!

What really matters is how it impacts your business, right now! Are you being left behind? Take action now, here’s how to take advantage in understanding true massive value of your own mobile website.

Mobile Web