Mobile Search | Location Based Marketing Set To Explode!

Mobile Search

Mobile search – location based marketing (LBM) Google says local now accounts for 40% of mobile searches, which means new mobile ad-units along with interesting new stats in terms of mobile search…

Mobile search – location based marketing Google says 40% of all mobile searches are now local in nature, which continues to trend upwards.  

Mobile search – physical location or proximity of a local business to a user’s location is a targeting variable for serving ads to mobile users.

mobile search

Mobile search - total search volume has been exploding...

Mobile search engines – Google is on track to bank over $2.5B in mobile ad sales this year and click-to-call ads are driving a large portion of sales revenue. 

Google’s Surojit Chatterjee said click-to-call is driving “millions of calls per week” globally for Google.

Mobile search utilising new Google AdWords ranking variable, which takes into account mobile user’s location is good news for local businesses and retailers because its goal is to drive relevant foot traffic at lower costs. 

Local business needs to use location extensions to take advantage of new location targeting for location proximity to boost sales and drive results, and smartphone users will need to be opted-in to share their location. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the new ad-units from Google:

  • Custom mobile search ads for apps: will appear when users search within apps for content. Mobile search ads now can be integrated into apps, which wasn’t available previously…
  • Click to download ads: redirects users to download areas in Android market or iTunes app store
  • Mobile app extensions: ads can direct people to specific apps or pages within apps already on their phones.

Mobile search – here’s Google’s example: If someone searches for sneakers on a mobile device, they might see an ad which takes them directly into a cool shopping app they’ve installed on their mobile phone.

  • Circulars (not limited to mobile): these are more graphically rich ads, which contain product images, pricing and deals/offers.

Mobile search – “when someone clicks on a search or display ad (on desktop, mobile or tablet devices), they may see these engaging ads which contain photos of relevant products and special offers.”

mobile search

Mobile search - volume of searches increases as more mobile users turn to the mobile web...

Mobile search also means mobile web and mobile website usage will sharply rise as a powerful proximity marketing tool for companies wanting to stands out from the crowd because mobile marketing is results-driven.

Mobile search it’s critical to capture customer information. If you have a mobile website, make sure you capture names/email addresses of visitors.

If you have a retail store use an email sign-up form for customers to receive news and special offers. Even if you don’t initially make the sale, you now have contact information to use in email marketing campaigns.

Mobile Search