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QR Codes

QR Codes – opens new doors for your mobile marketing. You can easily print use qrcodes on brochures, advertisements in any print media, websites, apparel, in fact, anywhere you can print the qr code…

QR Codes are amazing mobile marketing tools or sales vehicles for leading customers to a specific destination. It is always good practice adding a headline, and short description with relevant info about where a qrcode will go once they scan it.

Remember, marketing your local business is all about measurable and trackable advertising, which means a good offer encourages people to scan your code.

Why use QR Codes to market your local business? Imagine the effectiveness of qr codes on packaging, ads, posters, billboards, business cards, signage, stickers, and your website. You can cross promote with other businesses or used creatively for bus shelters, phone kiosks, drug store signage, cocktail napkins and sporting venues.

The more places your qr codes appear, the more people are getting used to the easy transition between the physical and digital worlds because as you know, you really need to differentiate yourself. As long as you’re printing packaging, why not put a QR Code on it instead?

QR Codes

Scan this QR Code to Contact Us

QR Codes – the key is to be ready on the other end of transaction with content that actually intrigues the user, and makes them get out their phone and scan after all using qr qodes to market your business is reall about what to offer.

QR codes or other 2d code tag can link to just about anywhere, of course you want the content you send back to be sof value or worthwhile., right? You need to interact with people in a way that’s going to be interesting and fun.

These days consumers don’t want to be bombarded with more brand information or plain advertising. Customers which scan your qr code are doing so for a reason. For example to get a quick recipe, fashion tips, health tips, weight loss suggestion, coupon, or a holiday video message…

You want to actually give consumers useful and relevant information which adds value, enriches their every day life. For example use short and engaging video, slideshows or sweepstakes entries, anything can be presented in a digital or image format can be used to enhance your consumers experience.

QR Codes


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