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Mobile Website

Mobile website and why your company definitely needs a mobile friendly website? If you plan your mobile marketing campaigns you’ll at some point be sending consumers to your mobile website…

Mobile websitewhat if your Internet PC based or desktop website is not mobile friendly? You’ll discover consumers will not get a good experience and will quickly leave your website.

Mobile website – what if your company isn’t on mobile web? Clearly you’re losing clients, more significantly clients are likely to go to your competitors!

A 2011 study by Google found Australia ranked 2nd in the world for smart phone penetration with 37% of people owning one. Same study found 49% of people use their smartphone to research and then call local businesses.

Mobile website…if you don’t offer a mobile-friendly website designed to get your customers to call you, you’re missing out on significant amounts of sales and profits for your business. Click here for free mobile analysis (7 value)

Reasons why companies and local businesses need a mobile friendly website include:

  • People use their mobile phones every day to search for information on local businesses
  • Your mobile website loads faster on the mobile phone when it is mobile friendly
  • People are usually in a hurry and not willing to wait for a website to load. They’d rather click off and find another site that loads faster
  • Your business information is easily visible to consumers in a mobile friendly website
  • Display click to call or click for direction, menu or pertinent details of your business which are easily visible on mobile phone
  • Travelers use their mobile phones to find hotels, restaurants and other businesses when in different cities
  • You want your information to be readily available to those travelers

Mobile website vs desktop website…if you plan to use two versions of your website, you can offer specific information to two different searchers.

mobile website

Mobile Website - It’s clear local businesses which don’t embrace mobile phone technology in the coming year will be left behind

Will your company be there to reach your customers? Mobile website for mobile users on the go who are in a hurry and people at home with time to do research…

A mobile website gives you a strategic edge for local marketing as well as search engines or directories increasing company’s rankings on the web.

By 2013 its estimated half of Australians and Americans web browsing will be on their mobile devices. Its critical for you to make sure you have a mobile web presence now.

You need your mobile website to be mobile friendly and working properly. As a savvy business owner you want to get the jump on your competitors and not wait until everyone is using mobile marketing.

New leads, prospects and customers expect you to have a mobile website. “When asked whether they expect sites they visit frequently to provide a dedicated mobile version, a resounding 84 percent responded in the affirmative.” iCrossing Study

Mobile website blueprint for success. You’ll want to engage services of a proven and reliable mobile web designer or mobile website developer.

Mobile marketing specialist can help you stand out from the crowd and help position your company via mobile search engine optimization which gets better results for your mobile website.


Mobile friendly websites present the information in a very clear, easy-to-navigate fashion with links to pertinent pages. There is a minimum of graphics and extensive information.

Mobile website – the fact is less than 1% of .com, .net and .org sites are mobile web friendly.  It means there’s a 99.3% chance your website isn’t mobile friendly…click here to talk with mobile marketing specialist now!

Mobile Website