Mobile Web Apps vs Mobile Websites

Mobile Web Apps

Mobile web apps vs mobile websites – mobile users are becoming more sophisticated and they want many more ways to access data… 

Mobile web apps – the mobi-site is a basic cost of entry and every smart  customer driven company should have a mobile friendly website.

Mobile Web Apps

Mobile Web Apps vs Mobile Websites

Mobile web apps, do mobile consumers care about software design ideologies? They do care about simple, easy to use options offering lots of flexibility via their mobile phones.

A mobile website must be viewable on any mobile device, and since more and more people are using mobile phones as primary Interent browsers, it means your mobile website or mobile web app wants to stand out.

In other words, you wnat it to be awesome on their mobile devices. The web buys you universal access to every mobile device, no matter what type of phone people use…

Mobile web apps and the difference is so minor the convenience of being on the web far outweighs. It’s a no-brainer you want to build for the web.

The Internet is the hub for everything because it is viewed as a common platform for application development. There’s a growing expectation to see content wherever we go, seamlessly from mobile device to device.

Whether you access that content in a traditional browser or a native app, you’re almost certainly accessing it via the web. Building mobile web apps simply puts your mobile web app in its natural habitat.

Now, here’s the deciding factor. The reality is mobile web apps have only really suited the developer and not the consumer. Unfortunately we have adopted a mobile web apps culture without understanding the real use.

In mobile user interviews, we find time and again people say they use the Interent primarily for quick lookups, while mobile web apps are for doing tasks.

Tasks, games or recurring activities, people instinctively turn to an app store and there are good reasons for that pattern. Why?

Because it’s certainly convenient for marketing, operating systems, and even the hardware nudges people towards plugging into app stores where one click payment is a breeze.

Mobile web apps usually deliver better experiences although you can do amazing tasks with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

In fact technically speaking, HTML5 and CSS3 are mature on mobile where all the major platforms use cutting-edge browsers. If you’ve been holding back on learning do not waste more time, just get on it.

Now, while the mobile web is closing the gap and quickly for interface slickness and user rich experiences, some say native apps will always have an edge in that department.

Mobile webb apps may always hold greater potential for a better, sharper experience which fits in better with the overall operating system. What’s your point of view? Feel free to add your comments or feddback. Thanks!

Mobile Web Apps