Mobile Ads for Mobile List Building

Mobile Ads

Mobile ads are for companies wanting to better connect and engage with customers on the go. Mobile advertising is a form of advertising via smart phones, mobile phones or other mobile devices

Mobile ads, you think you’re ready to run a successful mobile advertising campaign? What is possible, how do you do it and how much does it cost?

Mobile ads to reach targeted audiences to grow online sales, send more customers to your store using a system…

Mobile ads helps you to improve the overall performance of your mobile list building platform:

  • Build targeted sms list
  • How to create your offer
  • What information to collect
  • Mobile ads via optimized landing page
  • Mobile ads using banners

Mobile ads, mobile display, mobile search, mobile campaign for mobile list building. Why build a customer database via sms list in the first place?

mobile ads

Mobile Ads - mobile phones users are browsing, searching and buying using their handsets.

Mobile ads can increase profits, unless you already own a mobile website, your mobile advertising campaign will need a mobile optimized page, as important is knowing how to build your customer database or sms list.

Firstly, if you’re new to online ads or Google adwords, you need to get experience before you experiment building a list in order to generate profits.

List of leads and prospects – mobile building a list also gives you opportunities to increase leads and prospects. The list you build could be used even for future offers.

Good for testing – you can perform a number of testings when you have built your list to keep your prospects; it could be used for a more effective experiments.

Increase chances –  build a list to do some experiments or testing and discover new insights like how your prospects behave or interact with your offer.

Mobile ads success creating your mobile offer using the following criteria:

  • Demographics – aside from ages, gender, you also need to research mobile specific demographics (what type of mobile devices, what carriers convert well, what type of handset device…etc.)
  • Mobile ads using data from mobile marketing campaigns can give you money making ideas, which helps in optimizing your offer.
  • Split-test copy is always good practice to make multiple versions of your offer. For example for contact info, one offer includes both email and phone number; just email for another version.
  • Split-testing helps you determine which offer format gets better results and higher return on investment (ROI).
  • Mobile list building via mobile optimized landing or mobile opt-in squeeze page
  • What information do you want to collect and what issues are involved with each method?
  • Email for automated follow-ups with an auto-responder, or broadcasts. Make you email compatible for mobile devices…
  • Phone number for phone follow-ups. For a call centre, or direct sales/ multi-level marketing; mobile (SMS) for text follow-ups.
  • When you get a lead or prospects number, its recommended to call right-away because we have a tendency to forget, so strike while the iron is hot:)

Mobile ads utilising mobile banners. A mobile banner is simply a clickable graphic served onto a mobile page. You could use the following tools to create your own mobile ads banner using Photoshop or Gimp.

Did you know 45% of smartphones owners abandoned the sales process because website would not load on their mobile phone. Additional 38% left the site because it was not developed specifically for smartphone users and was too hard to use…

Do you understand why mobile ads need a proven formula for mobile list list building, which helps your company boost sales in a growing mobile channel:

  • Generate mobile campaign for ready to buy customers
  • Target demographics by age, gender and interest  
  • Cost effective instant click to call connects directly to you
  • Connect and engage smartphone owners to purchase your products or services…

Mobile Ads


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