SMS to the Rescue?

Is communication via SMS really the best ads platform for mobile marketing effectiveness?

John Mignano

Trick question? Keep reading to find out how to harness the awesome power of mobile advertising.

Mobile is the fastest growing trend with 86% of people, (250 million Americans) now subscribing to a cellular-phone service.

SMS marketing is like the whiz-kids dream to business.

his is the next evolution in marketing that is not expected to die out anytime in the near future.

Why would it?

Because most people find texting more convenient than email and voice communications put together?

Engaging your audience instantly is a great benefit…why?

Because marketing to people anyplace at anytime is a unique advantage for any business, and what is necessary in today’s fast-paced world.

This kind of exposure is what it takes to stand out apart from the rest.

The average person is literally bombarded with thousands of different source advertisements every single day.

One of the greatest benefits of mobile marketing is people are so attached to their cell phones…

They’re either excited or curious to see who is communicating with them.

What’s more is that business owners have never been more organized than now to build a lasting personal relationship, without expending barely any effort.

Probably the greatest gain to advertisers is the fact that their messages are usually read instantly…


Well…almost because all messages must be viewed before they can be deleted.

Almost every human on earth has a cell phone, and this is because you don’t need to be rich to own one anymore.

The popularity has not only reached to children and the elderly all over the world, but also to Buddhist monks and the indigenous tribes of Columbia.

Mobile phones have become extensions of ourselves because they’re such a personal and multi-functional tool, right?

“A recent study showed that 40 percent of people surveyed can’t cope without a cell phone, 35 percent of people used cell phones to escape their problems and 7 percent blamed the cell phone for a lost relationship or job” (ABC News, 2007).

Are cell phones here to stay?

These cell phones and PDA’s (personal digital assistants) are intimate to people, and this is what makes this opportunity so valuable.

People will give you the time of day, and are more than happy to reply back to your text if they are interested, or if you request them to.

Individuals are literally addicted to this technology…

This means they are more likely to keep their cell close to them, giving them an opportunity to check their messages multiple times.

People feel a sense of comfort that calls and text are coming through to them are trusted…

Being that telemarketers and bill collectors cannot contact them by law.

The current advantage for mobile users is they have the ability to send and receive free texts; this is due of the fierce competition of cellular companies.

All of these aspects combined make for one powerful advertising weapon that will be sure to leave a lasting impression.

You have instant access to all of your subscribers, and you can be sure your texts are getting through; rather than being skipped.

How will you manage this kind of campaign?

One thing is for sure, you are going to need an automated process that incorporates many features for this endeavor to be successful and efficient.

You need to be able to send an unlimited amount to texts, be able to send to any cellular provider in the world while doing it in a rapid manner…