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Loyalty cards, just for a minute do me a favor. I need you to suspend your disbelief until you’ve had a minute to look at how effective loyalty cards and gift cards are at getting shoppers into stores…

Loyalty cards ensure customers keep coming back, right? Yes, in addition to the strengths of gift cards, loyalty programs allow merchants to leverage their customer database and revenues.

Loyalty cards and market research, consistently data shows retaining existing customers is easier than establishing new ones.

loyalty cards

Loyalty Cards - excellent marketing tool for rewarding current customers and attracting new ones

Integral to keeping customers is providing incentives, which inspire loyalty. Loyalty cards are an excellent and cost-effective marketing tool for rewarding current customers and attracting new ones…

Reward customers with points which can be applied towards future purchases or redeemed for free merchandise and services.

Points can be offered as an incentive in terms of a percentage for a total amount spent or as a reward for buying specific products.

For example, a beauty salon might offer points to customers for purchasing items from a particular line of hair-care products.

Track customer behavior and history. Merchants can identify their best customers, what they buy, where and when they shop, and how much they spend.

Merchants can then use this information to reward top-tier clients. A golf shop, for example could award bonus points to thank its loyal customers.

Overcome slow days and sales by offering extra points on purchases made during off-peak months.

For example a florist could use time limited offer with a message on bottom of sales receipts informing Valentine’s Day shoppers they’ll earn double points on purchases made during March and April.

Encourage customers to spend more by offering points for purchases that exceed certain amounts.

For example a store which sells automotive parts could let customers earn bonus points when they make purchases that exceed 0.

Create special promotions, such as members-only offers. For example a car wash owner could provide customers with a free upgrade on every seventh car wash they purchase.

The list of applications is only limited by your imagination. If you factor in today’s sophisticated payment mobile technology, gift and loyalty card programs are flexible and creative ways to increase bottom line profits.

Why not make your own loyalty cards with your images, logo or text?

Loyalty Cards


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