Why Mobile Marketing?

Why Mobile Marketing?

Why mobile marketing, it is all about smartphone integration part of business mobile marketing revolution because based on research 91.8% of local business websites are not mobile friendly…

Why mobile marketing and what are mobile marketing websites or mobile friendly website?

  • Loads fast
  • Quick to read
  • Easy to navigate
  • Minimum scrolling
  • Mobile specific to consumer behavior

Why mobile marketing because one in four or 25-30% web users are mobile-only (i.e. they do not or very rarely use a desktop, laptop or tablet to access the web) click play button to watch and learn…

Now based on current usage by 2015 average website will have 51% of users from smartphone or mobile devices.

What if you had at your fingertips the fastest referral method for engaging new customers into your business. What would you use? If you have been discovering mobile marketing you know the answer!

why mobile marketing

Why Mobile Marketing?

Text message marketing, building a loyal customer following, has taken the lead over all other methods for promoting and advertising your business.

Mobile is ramping up faster than any other technology we have seen in the past. The faster you engage mobile the greater unfair advantage you’ll get.

Why mobile marketing…the newest, fastest growing and tremendously successful method of advertising to an audience demographic, which returns highest response is mobile text message marketing.

why mobile marketing

Why Mobile Marketing - The faster you engage mobile, the greater unfair advantage you get

Here’s an astounding fact: Text messaging is used more than internet and voice communication combined.

Here’s why mobile marketing works: Over 91% of population in Australia and United States has a mobile phone and they usually carry it with them everywhere they go…

Now mobile users can access the Internet faster and more often than on their computer (while at home or on the go looking for your business).

The success rate is significant as the average response rate is 10-30 percent. If you send out 300 text messages you can expect a minimum of 30 people to act on your message.

The open rate is extremely high compared to emails. Approximately 96% of text messages are read compared to 15% and lower with emails.

Why mobile marketing examples: If you own a restaurant and have a slow day of the week, this is a great way to send out coupons for that day’s special.

Retail stores can send out daily sales and offers. Professional services can send out client appointment reminders to decrease their no-show rate.

Why mobile marketing – can cost effectively be used as your customer appreciation to send out e-cards for birthdays and special events.

There are a variety of ways you can use mobile marketing to build your list, and there’s no reason why you must choose one when it comes to mobile phone list vs e-mail list.

Mobile local searches are now one in three, which have quadrupled in the last year and for many items one in seven searches are mobile related (source, Internal Google Dat)…

Why mobile marketing – for every shopping activity or transaction, including products and prices, reviews, promotions and purchasing products, 61-81% preferred browsers to apps (source: Keynote/Adobe).

Adobe did an indepth study asking mobile users and 81% aren’t going to app stores to find information on local businesses, access products, services, content provided by local business.

Based on a study of 5000 mobile users the most visited websites on a smartphone or mobile phone (source: The mobile movement study, Google/Ipos OTX MediaCT, April 2011):

1: Search 77%
2: Social networking 65%
3: Retail websites 46%

Type of information – 71% do mobile search because they saw a mobile advertisment on their mobile phone.

A huge portion of mobile search is local in intent and search enhines like Google knows this (source: The mobile movement study, Google/Ipos OTX MediaCT, April 2011):

1: News 57%
2: Dining/restaurant info 51%
3: Navigation/directions 51%
4: Entertainment 49%
5: Shopping 47%
6: Business info, products or services 24%

Why mobile marketing – increases in consumer usage of smartphone or mobile handheld devices by Australians to access the internet is Google verified with survey of 30,000 people across 30 countries. Study revealed:

  • Behind Singapore, Australia has the highest smartphone penetration globally at 37 per cent
  • Australians on average use more apps than users in US and Britain
  • Australians are making more purchases with their mobiles (PayPal)
  • Australia reported mobile transactions increased by 25 per cent every month in 2010)
  • Australians are using their mobiles to search for local businesses with a third of Australian users making a purchase online after local search…

Nine out of ten searches have taken action as a result of smartphone search. Urgent consumers need information on the go.

People buy at conversion rates which are much greater than average consumers, its more important than ever to ensure not only is your brand online, also user experience is interactive across all mobile devices.

Why mobile marketing – 88% of local info seekers take action within one day. Types of actions after accessing local content (source: The mobile movement study, Google/Ipos OTX MediaCT, April 2011):

1: Called busiess 61%
2: Visited business 59%
3: Looked up business on map/direct 58%
4: Made instore purchase 54%
5: Made online purchase 36%
6: Recommended to someone else 22%
7: Read or wrote a review about the business 20%
8: Bookmarked or added business to favourites list 19%

Why mobile marketing – if you’re interested in smartphone integrated mobile marketing solutions and pushing your marketing with unlimited possibilities of mobile devices…

We can help you set-up from the ground up to be extremely flexible, easy to use, adaptable while delivering very powerful and continued results.

Reasons for searching on smartphone or mobile device (source: The mobile movement study, Google/Ipos OTX MediaCT, April 2011):

1: To get information on the go 72%
2: No access to other internet enabled device 65%
3: Need to search for something asap 47%

We’ve added social media sharing to RSS feeds, QR codes for easy distribution and one click “Share” page which enables mobile users to share your mobile website with friends, colleagues and others on social medial sites (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) as well as by email, web, sms, etc…

Unlike other mobile systems taken out of their context where you risk damaging your brand and you don’t really know what you’re getting into, we’ve chosen to be as transparent as it gets.

Let us help you to adapt to changing client needs quickly with the most powerful smartphone intergrated mobile marketing solutions…

Feel free to ask questions, email details about your pc based website and how to ensure its optimised for mobile handhelds.


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