Mobile Local Perfect Companion For Mobile Search

Mobile Local

Mobile local and mobile search are a match made in heaven, makes for perfect companion and a dynamic mix of cutting edge technology, which helps consumers to search for local businesses, products and services fast

Mobile local provides basic elements, which makes up mobile search and 3G wireless network, smartphones and local search providers…Google.

Want to know how does mobile local and mobile search work together?

Basically a person on mobile device like smartphone performs search via mobile search, search engine decides if the search query is local-centric.

Imgine if you searched for ‘chiropractor’ on your smartphone, your phone provides GPS data to your mobile search request and return results for the area you’re currently in.

Imagine you’re in the office at Elizabeth, if you were on the go in the city you would get a totally different result because Google’s mobile search pulls location data from your mobile phone…

This data provides you with ‘chiropractor’ results for your immediate area which would be in Adelaide.

mobile local
Mobile Local – results will vary from location to location based on mobile search

Mobile local results for ‘Chiropractor’ in Elizabeth in normal Google web search. Search results for ‘Chiropractor’ in Elizabeth from Google Places


mobile local
Mobile Local – determining if your mobile search is local centric.

You can see from screen shot Google search results are efficient at determining if your mobile search is local centric.

Imagine mobile local as a huge marketing paradigm shift for local business because this is happening right under your nose. Do you want to take full advantage of mobile marketing? Mobile local and mobile search are here.

How can mobile local help your customers and clients find you faster?

Mobile local direct from a mobile search query on a smartphone…customer can find your business and call to make appointment simply by tapping phone number next to mobile search results.

Mobile local understands the needs of customers, which are connecting and interacting with local businesses via mobile search:

  • Call to make an appointment
  • Get local directions to your business
  • Navigate to your business website
  • Check local reviews of your business
  • Quick payment options information
  • Check your businesses operating hours
  • Get contact or map location details
  • Leave a customer review
  • View images or video of your business or products

Mobile local – these are a few simple examples of how your customers can interact with your online presence through mobile local and mobile search.

Mobile local for a mobile local marketing strategy specifically designed for your business needs call 613 5966 2531 now or email (Yes, I need help!)

Mobile Local