Mobile Marketing – How to Get Better Results?

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing: Top Five SEO Tips for Mobile Websites. There really are a lot of platforms using mobile technology, and with metrics integrating together all at the same time…

Mobile marketing: If you own a website and want to make sales you’ll need to know how to use mobile crawlers for optimizing your site. Why? Because mobile marketing is one of the most effective tools to spread marketing messages quickly without spending a lot of money.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing campaigns literally reach millions of people instantly. However, mobile websites need to take SEO into consideration before jumping into mobile marketing.

Everyone has a mobile phone and mobile technology makes it easy to quickly solve people’s problems and easily sell products and services.

Before launching a mobile marketing campaign, use these top five SEO tips for mobile websites:

1. On-page optimization: Implement well-researched keywords into title tags and meta-descriptions.

2. Make sure key content is placed at top of each page: This makes it easier for spider bots to crawl your content in search engines.

3. Mobile search engines: Google and Yahoo Mobile and Abphone, make sure web pages can be crawled by these mobile search engines.

4. Plug-in content: Get rid of any Java and Flash unless it’s absolutely needed.

5. Check out website accessibility guidelines as directed by the WC3. Make sure websites easily work on wireless handsets. If these rules aren’t followed, your site won’t be found on mobile search engines.

Besides these important SEO tips, make sure to keep up with the current mobile technology. What’s the point of a well-optimized website if you don’t adhere to the latest guidelines and rules?

Remember to optimize for local searches because people constantly use mobile phones for local business searches. Stay on top of mobile analytics and research mobile campaigns by using analytics tools designed specifically for mobile SEO campaigns.

Tip: Use Bango, Mobilytics and Amethon for measuring and tracking for your Mobile Marketing.