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QR code solutions – QR codes or 2d barcodes can be used for a wide range of applications. Originally used by car manufacturers to store information about car parts…

QR code solutions because of the enormous benefits and true diversity, which can be applied to QR codes its unlimited for marketing or content distribution…

QR code solutions – here’s just a short list of QR code or mobile barcode applications for retail. Click to watch video.

QR code solutions for Newspapers – what do QR-Codes and newspapers have in common? They are both printed in black and white. This gives QR-Codes (mobile barcodes) easy integration into mainstream newspapers.

Newspapers are a traditional form of displaying news, hugely popular worldwide and many newspapers are extremely influential.

Journalists writing in newspapers often refer to a website, telephone number, map, music, picture or another form of media.

QR code solutions – newspapers at present don’t offer value-added user-experiences unless content is online, so newspapers can use QR codes.

qr code solutions

QR Code Solutions - innovating newspapers with 2d barcodes for interactive reader experiences

Traditional offline newspapers could simply take content and digitalize media by adding QR-Codes which would link to articles and media source.

QR code solutions – journalist writes article about football (soccer), and describes the final goal as greatest ever seen.

Football fans see a lot of good goals; now what if a QR code was placed next to the article with a caption “Scan Me” to watch greatest goal on your mobile phone? Reader can capture QR-Code on their mobile phone…

QR code redirects the user’s mobile phone to a URL located conveniently on YouTube for example with video replay of goal highlights with event…

User watches video and truly experiences event, which empowers user and makes a non-interactive newspaper article much more interactive.

QR code solutions – many online newspapers allow users to comment on articles, which is a great way to encourage social interaction.

QR code solutions – reviews and comments option is not available for offline newspapers. What if user scans QR code, which redirects to newspaper’s website? User can read and easily contribute to article.

QR codes and discount codes. The list of potential marketing solutions for utlising QR codes is endless. Where do see QR codes being used?

QR code solutions – give us your advice or feedback, we’re happy to add and give credit to any idea submitted. No matter how whacky or crazy your idea is we want to here from you.

QR Code Solutions


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