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Mobile Coupon System

Mobile coupon system – connect, engage prospects and customers with mobile coupons. How are companies leveraging mobile technologies to market and better communicate with their customers and prospects…

Mobile coupon system means no more fumbling for coupon at checkout register because it gets there before you did. As you already know…the world is increasingly going mobile and so are coupons.

What can you learn from using a mobile coupon system on your mobile phone? Mobile coupon system allows for greater engagement marketing.

These are the days of interrupting less and interacting more with a mobile coupon. Why would prospects buy from you rather than your competitors?

There are plenty of companies, which use referral programs, right? What value do your products or services offer to your buyers?

Mobile coupon system – what if you’re only using traditional marketing…is it costing and hurting your bottom line because you’re not cost effectively or really communicating better?

Mobile Coupon System

Mobile Coupon System - Using the speed, power and convenience of mobile phones

How many companies can say their advertsing is converting at three times the rate of their online marketing campaigns and getting higher sales each month?

Mobile coupon system for testing incentives. Does your business experiment with rewards, which ranges from cash and gift cards to charitable contributions…

What works in terms of becoming a superb incentive? Do you ever use surveys to reveal what 80% of your customers are enthusiastic to buy?

Mobile coupon system, what if you discover how to make a switch in the referral program and response rates skyrocketed, referrals doubled and sales increased by five-fold…

Mobile coupon system for simplifying the redemption process. Mobile coupons use a simple QR code, which doesn’t scare customers off by asking for more information than they actually need.

In other words you can offer a variety of sharing sms text messaging options including email. Plus easily integrate into social media, which may be the hot channel everyone’s looking to for customer recommendations.

Mobile coupon system gives you and customers a reliable mobile platform with greater speed and flexibility in utilising sms or email for referring friends.

This might seem too obvious, yet if you don’t know when a referred lead makes a purchase, you can’t follow through with promised reward for the referrer, right?

The point is even if you’re happy with your referral program, there might be room for substantial improvement using coupon marketing, because a mobile coupon boosts sales and cashflow on demand.

Want to get new customers and keep existing customers coming back to your business?  Want to get higher response rates and grow your customer database with mobile coupons?

Traditional paper coupons have been tried and tested for decades, proven to be reliable, right? The only problem is until you have to worry about planning, scheduling, printing and reprinting. Plus the additional time and mailing costs.

The other problem is your prospects and existing customers usually have to cut out the coupon, which means they forget to bring their redeemable coupon…

Mobile coupon system combines the simplicity, convenience and power of digital coupons. What if your customers are using smartphones or mobile phones?

Now, you’re maximizing your coupon marketing with speed, convenience and positive return on investment from mobile coupons. You can offer free gifts, discounts, incentives and reminders with mobile coupon system.

mobile coupon system

Mobile Coupon System - Scan QR code for live demonstration to see how it works

Mobile coupon system is a quick and easy way to:

  • Drive immediate traffic (foot traffic) to your business
  • Eliminate printing and associated mailing costs
  • Track redemption rates (measure, see what works)
  • Minimize investment in point of sale (POS) set-up

Mobile coupon system can create a promotional campaign, broadcast it, and get immediate increase in your customer traffic…all on the same day!

Mobile coupon system for quick and easy coupon management:

  • Create unique promotion qr codes for each mobile coupon
  • Easily redeem each coupon using smartphone or mobile phone
  • Track coupon marketing redemption rates and revenue generated

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Mobile Coupon System


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