What is Mobile Marketing?

What is Mobile Marketing?

What is mobile marketing? Why mobile marketing? Why mobile marketing is the cornerstone of your local area marketing? Are you waiting for everyone else?

What is mobile marketing – less than 12 months we’re talking augmented reality…do you own or use a mobile phone on a daily basis? Trick question? There are 4.6 billion people walking in your shoes.

What is mobile marketing – did you know only 4.2 billion people own a toothbrush? So what is mobile marketing now and where is it going? Click the play button to watch and learn…

What is mobile marketing…big companies are not ignoring the strong trend of mobile marketing, so why is small business not taking advantage.

Is it a big mistake? Imagine you’re at a shopping centre drinking coffee on the mainstreet, you can’t rely on print advertising, radio or television advertising, right?

Exposure to traditional advertising usually happens before you actually leave home, so in an attention deficit economy that’s a long time ago…

What is mobile marketing – your mobile phone is within reach just about all the time. It means when you’re out enjoying a coffee or you’re shopping… 

what is mobile marketing

What is Mobile Marketing - better way to get more customers and increase revenue...

People of all demographics are using mobile phones to play games, read news and check emails just to pass time. Consumers are addicted. 

So what is mobile marketing and how to get small business using mobile local area marketing? Here’s a few mobile strategies and how you might combine with your marketing:

SMS – stats coming out of 2011 Mobile Marketing Association forum noted 96% of all SMS messages are read…90% are read within 3 minutes.

What is mobile marketing…how powerful a medium is sms messages if you’re considering email open rates, which are significantly much lower.

As a small business, you want to be collecting customer’s phone numbers to send special offers and invitations to your special events.

Using SMS to remind customers of their appointments and let them know when a product delivery has come in improves your customer service.

What is mobile marketing…remember your mobile phone is personal so at no stage should you send unsolicited messages.

QR Codes have been around for a couple of years, usage is rapidly becoming mainstream. Requires very little effort so qr codes can be a great way for business to distribute marketing and product information.

Use a QR Code in your print advertising, which can quickly send mobile users to your website, social media profile or shopping cart to purchase.

Use QR Codes instore allowing people to read reviews of products. If you’re in a retail store you get foot-traffic, so put qrcodes in your front window to stop people browsing and taking action to come in and buy.

What is mobile marketing, which gives you immense flexibility on a mobile advertising platform as a really affordable option. Help customers to find you via mobile search GPS when they’re mobile with greater effect.

Mobile advertising can be part of an overall mobile strategy looking to drive people to your mobile website, attract more Facebook ‘likes’ or alternatively you may just be looking to advertise a promotion.

Either way, use the mobile advertising platform to target by age, location, mobile phone handset and operating system if you’re wanting great results.

Social media – if you’re going to use social media as part of your overall marketing strategy, it is going to be integral to include mobile marketing.

You can’t ignore shoppers, which are predominantly using social media on their mobile phones. Utilize Facebook and Foursquare check-ins to reward customers and encourage more conversation around your business.

What is mobile marketing – just ask Twitter followers to tweet pics with an incentive…that’s smart business isn’t, one of the fundamentals you need.

Mobile website – shopping centres and mainstreet shopping strips should all be utilising a mobile website. Look at the amazing upsell opportunities where customers use a mobile device to find a great deal they’re after.

A mobile website will give shoppers instant information they want providing an enjoyable experience. A website not optimised for mobile is going to be painful, they may not find info fast so it is going to be a negative experience.

What is mobile marketing – people love their mobile phones and checking reviews of products, services, cafes and restaurants in their local area.

The mobile phone gives people the ability when and where they want. It means customers can share their experiences with Google Places, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and other social networking sites.

As a business you want to make a shopper’s experience a positive one because you don’t know who has 5000 Facebook friends or posts reviews on Google Places, etc…

What is mobile marketing – on the other hand you do want to encourage clients, customers and shoppers to post positive business reviews, right?

Mobile phones and in particular smartphones will play a huge role in the local area marketing of small business.

What is mobile marketing as you can see most of the options available are really affordable and much more cost effective in terms of getting results, so much faster than traditional advertising mediums…would you agree?

What is Mobile Marketing