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QR Code Generator

QR code generator – how to get your own QR codes. Want to easily generate your own QR-Code? No problem…you can with our online generator tool.

QR code generator – now to the nitty gritty of creating the QR code, which is super simple.

Feel free to use our easy QR code generator (remember to bookmark)…

qr code generator

QR Code Generator - take advantage of our easy to use QR-Code generator

QR code generator step 1: Choose what you want the QR Code to do and fill in the information…

  • URL – Takes the user to a specific website. Enter the URL here.
  • Message – Generates a message for the user to read… similar to a text message. Just type what you want the message to say.
  • Phone – Enter a phone number here. The user’s phone will call it.
  • SMS – Enter the SMS number and the text message. The user’s phone will send a text message.
  • Email – The user’s phone will send an email. Enter the to address, subject, and body.

QR code generator step 2: Click submit to generate the QR Code.  Right click on the image and click “Save Target As..” to save it to your computer.

qr code generator

QR Code Generator - URL go to: http://www.MobileWebsiteNow.mobi

QR code generator step 3: Put QR code anywhere you want like on your  business cards, pizza boxes, table toppers, brochures and even signs!

QR-Code Generator by 1Business-Coach.com

QR code cenerator that’s it. Now, when a smart phone scans your QR code it redirects user to your website, place of business, special deal or social networking site like Facebook fanpage, twitter or LinkedIn, etc..

QR Code Generator


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