Mobile Marketing Coach For You?

Mobile Marketing Coach

Mobile marketing coach, simply answer the following ten questions with an honest open mind and discover for yourself…

The right mobile marketing coach for you? It’s been our experience most of the successful businesses hinge on customer or client relationships-of-trust which are developed well before the customer has an actual need.

Mobile Marketing Coach

Mobile Marketing Coach - Is mobile marketing right for your business?

Mobile marketing coach, on the surface it appears straightforward, yet for most businesses implementing customer nurturing and growing important new business relationships isn’t simple… 

Mobile marketing coach, how do you know your marketing message is unique? What’s unique about what you do? Does it differentiate you? Are you standing out compared to your competition?

Yes/No: Do you utilise a process or system for motivating prospective clients to raise their hands and self-identify themselves?

Yes/No: Do you use a automated system (requires little or no effort on your part) for consistently and regularly staying in touch with prospective clients utilising messages whiach are of relevance and interest?

Yes/No: Have you identified the most lucrative niches to market your  products or services? Do you have a strategy for identifying the most responsive target audences within those niches?

Yes/No: Do your marketing materials strongly communicate the precise benefits your customers or clients get from using your products or services?

Yes/No: Do you have a plan for branding your business or company?

Yes/No: Are you capturing information about everyone which visits your website? Do you offer an incentive for people to provide you with this information either email or mobile phone, etc?

Yes/No: Does the landing page of your website focus on communicating your understanding of the problems your clients or customers face and the primary benefits they get from you and your business?

Yes/No: Have you determined the best lead generation tools for reaching your target market? Have you assessed strengths of one-page letters, paid internet, advertising in publications and other lead generation tools?

Yes/No: Are you tracking and measuring the sales funnel and overall cost-effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaigns? Do you know your cost per lead? Cost per sale? Lifetime customer value?

Yes/No: Are you planning on producing a series of products for selling your specialty knowledge in the form of ebooks and/or other mobile related services for creating passive income streams?

If you answered No to any of these questions, these are the precise issues we focus on during our one-on-one mobile marketing coach session.

Mobile marketing coach offers an objective analysis of your mobile marketing, how it compares to your top competitors with practical stratagies on what you need to achieve maximum visibility and credibility.

Mobile marketing coach gives you a critical and detailed review of all your current marketing materials. This includes sales letters, brochures and website with comprehensive review of your top 3 competitors.

We’ll provide you with an objective analysis on how they are positioning themselves. What they’re doing well and where the gaps are you can exploit.

Mobile marketing coach and recommendations on which aspects of your products or services to emphasize in your mobile marketing materials.

Review and recommendations on gaps which may currently exist in your overall marketing and customer/client acquisition strategy with written summary and phone liason on specific cost-effective recommendations.

Marketing your products or service can feel overwhelming. There are many steps which you could be doing, it’s often difficult to sort out what you need to be focused on doing.

That’s where a mobile marketing coach can prove to be enormously helpful. If lack of time, motivation and ability to effectively market your products or services on a consistent and regular basis, you owe it to yourself to contact us right now!

Mobile Marketing Coach - Feel free to ask questions, you are encouraged to reach out and share your comments and feedback.

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Mobile Marketing Coach