Mobile SEO New Frontier

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO the next wave of search engine optimistaion which your competition is not taking advantage of is here if you’re using mobile WAP devices and mobile phones with full internet browsers

Mobile SEO, whether you’re advertising to targeted audience or simply looking for ways to increase your monthly revenue, look no further…we can do all the hardwork for you.

Mobile phones are very personal in nature, which means an entirely different approach is necessary for mobile SEO or mobile advertising your business to mobile users.

Unlike print and TV ads, mobile SEO requires some advanced planning and careful considerations…click play button below to watch and learn:)

Mobile SEO is in Identifying your goals. Ask yourself what do you want to achieve with this campaign? How much is your target income?

Mobile SEO means you need to be specific and realistic with your goal. Aiming for sales, which is not achievable puts all your efforts to waste.

Mobile SEO more so you need to follow a specific time frame or deadline for example (By end of month, how much is your expected sales target?)

It is important you set your goal in front of you  for example: By Date (e.g. August 15th, one profitable campaign running netting at least $XXX.XX per day/week/month (e.g. $5.00 per day).

You can change the amount to whatever you want it to be. You want a goal which you can reach because without a goal you may not have motivation.

You want simple actions steps which motivates you to work smarter and gets you focused on mobile SEO in terms of maximum results.

You want to identify and know your target market, so research your customers. Consider demographics are they women or men? What is their age range? What are their needs and wants?

Mobile SEO means getting as much detailed information as you can greatly helps in ensuring your keywords and approach is appropriate.

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Mobile SEO - what your business gets from a robust mobile SEO campaign

Decide what kind of keywords to use. What message you’re going to use? Is it a text message or a voice message? Being clear about this definitely establishes your presence and allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Mobile SEO is all about finding out what works so customers are going to welcome you by receiving your relevant messages on a regular basis.

Define your campaign purpose. What information do you need to collect. Your message is a crucial factor for connecting and engaging customers.

Simple and clear call to action. Get people to sign-up to your email or sms text message list. Believe it or not most are too lazy or too busy to care.

That’s why you need to educate or teach them on how to sign-up and how to put your messages to their advantage.

Hot tip: Always make it clear with strong call to action. Give a reason for signing up. Offer value in terms of freebies, discounts or coupons to entice.

Sending a balance of offers or freebies also encourages more people to subscribe to your customer database or list so you can help consumers save time and money by making your business transactions simple.

Aside from sending offers about your latest products and services, it is also highly recommended to send useful tips, current news, helpful advice and other relevant information.

If you’re using Admob for mobile PPC ads or a mobile website for existing PC business website, you can see how mobile keyword searches differ from desktop searches on Google and use it to your unfair advantage.

You want to match your mobile ads or mobile website to the commercial intent of searcher. Now, figure out what intent is by how keywords differ.

Mobile SEO for example, when people Google search for “sandwich” on a desktop pc, they might be looking for how to make a sandwich; Google might consider this website more important and rank higher accordingly.

Mobile SEO if someone searches for “sandwich” on a mobile device, they might be looking to order a sandwich, so those kinds of websites show up higher in the results.

If you know this in advance, you can make sure you are correctly tailoring your mobile ads or mobile website to the mobile searcher.

This makes it more likely your mobile website gets clicked on more and subsequently rank higher for those keywords when someone uses Google on a mobile phone.

Mobile SEO and mobile analytics because you want to find out and know what percentage of your PC desktop website traffic is actually coming from mobile users, right?

Click here to check out this relevant website they have a great FREE tool to see how many mobile users are checking out your mobile website.

You can even see what type of mobile phone people are searching from! Click here for future Mobile SEO to check out Matt Cutt’s Youtube channel on search engine optimizaton

If you’re doning mobile text ad performance and want to know how to run a performance report for your mobile text ads running via Google Adwords or PPC click here for information direct from Google.

Mobile SEO