Business Mentor

John Mignano

John Mignano

First let me clarify why a business mentor?
 This is going to be short and sweet because my brain is working on overdrive.
I’ve been tossing and turning all night to make sure every answer to your question accomplishes nine crucial steps.
What if I could show you that you don’t need anything fancy to get excellent results in your business?

What if  you don’t need to be a marketing giant with endless pockets to advertise your products or services?

And what if you don’t have a giant customer or client list?

Bottom line: The three key areas are lead generation, strategic marketing and business development, this is where the battle is won or lost.

Maybe you’re thinking, yeah that all sounds good in theory…how, precisely do you do that?

How to get ahead: I’m just a regular business owner working from home, backroom shop or office complex without any special skills or connections!

In other words, the answer of course is obvious: I’m just like you!

If you’re a business owner here are some logical steps I think you could take:

● Get a competent (knowledgeable and experienced) business mentor or business coach that can help you grow.

Why? You simply cannot be successful doing everything totally alone.

At the very least, you want one person that knows what they’re talking about and you can trust.

It’s no secret that a good business mentor can put you in the right head space on the right track, saving you lots of frustrations, trials and errors.

 In business, you need to be clear headed, focused and confident.

What if you need a mentor or coach in order to get to the next level?

You want to be very picky about who you get your marketing advice from.

This is very crucial area, (personally speaking, I would’ve made more money much faster, saved myself many thousands of dollars and frustrated hours.)

You know when I first started out in business, especially marketing online I did everything alone – most of the time I didn’t listen to anyone in particular.

When I started listening to everyone…of course, I got nowhere.

In fact, there are business coaches that are intentionally not telling you the whole story and won’t give you the bigger picture so they can sell more…

So be very selective and picky!

You want a proven plan or blueprint that you can follow.

This is another very important point in my opinion. You must follow a proven plan because if you don’t work your plan you’ll get easily distracted.

In business, lack of cash flow, direction and growth means stagnation.

Distraction is your worst enemy…

Information overload is everywhere, so you can get distracted no matter if you have a solid plan or not, it takes decipline and courage to stay focused. 

However, if you do get distarcted you can quickly get back on track.

Just to clarify: How do I know?

Well, I do have a very solid and concrete plan that I do follow on a daily basis, and it works year after year.

Yet even after several years of making money online I still get distracted from time to time…so you’re not alone :)

Automation and centralization is key to optimisation.

You want to automate (and possibly centralize) everything you can in your business.

Time is your most precious tool, and the client or customer database is your  most important business asset.  

Almost every task can be outsourced, yet you can’t buy more time, right?

And if you like it or not…you have only 24 hours in a day!

Therfore it makes sense to spend your time and effort in marketing and business devlopment.

You want to systemitize what works, automate and centralize every task or process you can.

● The reality is, if you can’t find a way to focus your time and efforts, you’ll not make money. Plain and simple.

Once you start finishing your projects, whatever they may be, for example creating a product, building a website, writing sale copy etc. the money will start coming in.

Know your limitations and accept them.

You want to know your strengths and weakness. Why?

Because you must know what you can and cannot do effectively.

It’s not a difficult choice because you know time is money.

If being an “electronic retard” allows you to better focus your marketing and concentrate on the skills or tasks that are making you the most money.

For example: I’m not a big fan of being the up front “techie” guy or whiz (although I have this skill or ability) I do not do much of the technical jobs.

What I will do is concentrate on the areas that are the highest revenue producers.

For examplewebsite optimization, conversion rate optimization, traffic generating, lead generation, list building, email marketing, product creation etc…

Why create your own products?

You control your future if you can create your own products.  To seriously make really good money online or offline, product creation is key.

In my opinion, if you want to make the big bucks you need to create your own products, ideally offered and positioned to your target audience!

Develop a habit of taking action as you realize what action you need to take.

If you’re missing a piece of the puzzle, don’t stop doing the steps you can do now, (put into action what you can do today, not tomorrow.)

To some degree, and this is open for debate, even a poorly formed plan of action that’s acted upon is better than a perfect plan that sits there idol.

Do not allow any distractions to stop you from moving forward.

If you can’t do a specific action right now, skip it or replace it with a similar task that you can do.

Do what you can and continue selling more.

How many order buttons do you have on your website?

Overall, how many profitable areas can you take advantage on the Internet right now?

The more order buttons you have the more money you will make.

Just do what you can to make sure you’re expanding your marketing reach and adding more order buttons to turbocharge the sales process.

Thanks. I trust you’ve enjoyed our time together and you’re now ready to put into action whatever you’ve learned today.

Yours in continued success,

John Mignano.

PS. If you have any questions, comments or feedback feel free to let me know…