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QR Code – business cards are being looked at over a wide range of formats with millions of people now using smart phones worldwide it makes sense to use electronic business cards…

Amazing, simple and effective, there are many advantages of QR Code Business Cards:

1. Quickly add contact information with simple scan

2. Enviromentally friendly, saves paper (Green)

3. Reduce number of business cards you need

Done-for-you QR Code Business Cards Made Easy

QR Code, Business Cards
QR Code – Business Cards

Scan the above QR Code business card for all the details.

Over time, many barcode readers have evolved to understand that when the text is formatted in special ways, that they should do “smart” things with the information.

Adding contact information with these formats, in many cases, allows them to be acted upon, say dialing an embedded phone number or possibly rapidly importing a contact into an address book.

QR Code business cards made easy. Scan the qr code to contact us for your own qr code business cards, we’ll do the work for you (includes web ready all the way to printing). Yes! Mobile response code means quick response marketing…

Allow us to create your “electronic” business cards fast and easy. Choose one of many business card templates, use your own company logo, enter contact data and you’re good to go.

People scan 2d barcode on the business card with their mobile phone, cell phone or smartphone! Your customers will never need to key in contacts or URLs manually…most camera equipped mobile phones are able to decode the QR-Code on these business cards.

If you want to set up a complete mobile marketing plan, feel free to contact us for a quote. Contact QR Code Quick Response Marketing. You can view this page on your mobile phone. Ref: QR Code Business Cards

QR Code


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