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Business mentor – there are two schools of thought and sides of the fence when discussing marketing. On one side is the fear based type marketing…

business mentor

Business Mentor - John Mignano

Business mentor – are you leaving $200,000 dollars or much more on the table? You’ve seen this method!

On the opposite side is education, serving customer’s needs, sharing information freely without expectation of sale.

Attention: Good news for the business owner fed-up with losing a boat load of customers, frustrated with dwindling incomes and rising business expenses.

Business mentor, you can see for yourself why this could be a business game changer or your most life-changing letter you have ever read…

As a marketer, I fell into the trap of being a hyped up sales person. It didn’t matter if it was online or offline, my goal was to get you to buy and buy fast.

As a business mentor the entire strategic plan and mission is to get real and connected to the client (YOU) to see what’s really going on…

Allow me to explain because this is priceless, you must become ruthless with your time and money. You want to get organized and systematized.

Business mentor – you effectively need to structure your vision and focus to guide you step-by-step to the next level. This is no small feat and a really big deal if you want to be profitable.

On a almost daily basis, I get quite a few offers from people wanting tools and how to structure for business paradigm shifts which means a years worth of business mentoring.

The response is always predictable and like clockwork there is way more clients asking for help, more than I really can personally handle. Is this good or bad?

Business mentor saves you time, I won’t bore you with all the details, the most painful part is you’re probably thinking you’re doing something wrong.

Maybe you think you’re alone because you keep hearing how business is so profitable? Yet pick up the phone and talk to people you realize the truth.

Business mentor, pretty much everyone is in the same boat and no one wants to talk about. Well, that bothered me a lot. Not just because I think it’s imperative to be real.

Business mentor, so here’s the deal…if you want to join a select few and plug into the most profitable marketing, sales and business boosting strategies few know and fewer use I’m going to show you the truth.

Find out why a lot of so called “experts” and business mentors are big fat liars giving you a false sense of an edge in the marketplace?

Do you tackle what you really need to know to thrive in your business? No hype, No theory, No saying what people think they want to hear…the truth?

Business mentor because if you have a hard time facing the reality of your business, everything I share is closed-door, exclusive for savvy business owners dedicated to overcoming obstacles and making more money year after year.

Business mentor, as they say the truth set’s you free…getting real is how you find true inner peace and power, confidence and sustainable strength to position yourself for amazing, unstoppable wealth and success in life.

As a business mentor, I expect dozens of interested and smart businesses wanting to work with me, and I’m humbled for the opportunity to share in your continued success.

Business mentor is all about testing every strategy revealed to you. Yes, it has been tested and refined, tweaked and polished, proven to work in the real world where real money is made…

Frankly, nothing has been left to chance in order to boost your bottom line.

Business mentor, no amount of money should buy this kind of service, yet I’m cautious about jumping into business mentoring without carefully weighing all outcomes.

Business mentor, there are shifts likely to happen… here’s why you want to be part of an exclusive group of smart business owners who want a clear defining point of difference over their competitors.

In reality, out of all the applications I get, I end up only taking on a handful of  clients…basically, I’ll only work with certain types of business owners.

The fact is, if you already have a proactive business and success mindset, only then do I feel you’ll truly benefit from my results driven services.

Yes, you need to be a perfect fit…unlike many other business mentors, I must turn away dozens and dozens of businesses every single day. Why would I leave easy money on the table?

Business mentor, please I need you to stop, seriously think long and hard about this question because it will save you a ton of money and headaches.

Look, the reason I turn down so many clients is because I honestly don’t feel they are in a position to recoup their investment right away.

Business mentor, it simply goes like this…if the cost of my mentoring and coaching is putting you into penny pinch mode, I’m not the guy for you at this moment.

Here’s a little secret…I’m simply not interested in getting lots of people on board or taking people’s last dollars promising them extraordinary results.

Frankly, no matter how desperate this is just too difficult and it comes with way too much emotional baggage. I don’t need the stress or money that bad.

Instead, I’m more interested in working with people who can afford the fee.

While some business owners are working too hard, I know there’s absolutely no way in this world I’m going to work with people who won’t take action.

Now, as a business mentor, if you want record profits you also want to excel way beyond your investment with me, right?

A new level of confidence will fill you as you get more and more wins on the board. Happy clients make me happy.

Broke and frustrated clients mess up the world big time…please keep in mind, if I didn’t take you on as a client I’m not saying your business isn’t viable or you won’t experience greater success.

Business mentor, I honestly know you can succeed. I just feel you may need to battle it out in the trenches a little bit longer before we are ready to work together. That’s all…

Yes, I personally care about you succeeding and if I didn’t feel my services are the perfect fit for you, I simply do not want to take you on as a client.

The decision is equally based on my respect for you as a individual and respecting my own personal time.

In business mentoring, it’s easy to go for the quick cash. Yet I’ve learned I can rest easy and sleep like a baby not going for the easy money grabs.

There’s just too many kinds of side effects. And the pain on my side is seeing people spend their last dollars chasing a dream never to be realized.

It really hurts. And if you are the guy or gal perpetuating the false hope and dream for these people you’re obviously not living a better business life.

Bottom line, I will not do it and that’s why I only take on clients I honestly feel are in a strong position to leverage my skills and talents.

Now, I hope you understand and appreciate my unwillingness to take on each and every client just because they have money in hand.

And I will admit, there are plenty of applicants who are close to breaking out big time who are just not in a position to invest the time or money for the services I charge. I also turn down clients based on these scenarios as well.

My how to philosophy with business mentoring and in business coaching is clear and transparent. If the entry fee is a problem, we both have a problem.

Simply, it emans you want more than l can offer. Emotionally it’s not a good balance as you’ll want too much, much more than the skills I can offer you.

If you’re hanging tight on your credit card each month knowing you aren’t getting a positive ROI right away, it’s a distraction which will nag at me.

Sure, I can easily have pocketed you tens of thousands of more dollars each week. And I can make all kinds of promises about taking your business to the stratosphere and beyond. You’d feel like flying high while I’d feel like a fraud.

Business mentor,  I’d have a ton of work to do, so I hope you understand by not taking on more clients it’s not personal. It’s just personal with me, okay!

Business mentor – the greatest result of stepping up and resonating with clients is I’m not only a stronger business owner, I’m also a sharper business mentor for you.

As a business mentor – I want to continue to step up and be a real business owner delivering real solutions (programs, services, results, profits) this means working in a environment I’m confident and comfortable in. Why?

Because there’s a four letter word which is more powerful than fear in marketing. Love is the most powerful emotion on earth. People long to be loved and will move mountains to experience love.

If you, as a marketer, come at your clients with respect and love, you truly care about them as a business owner, you’ll see amazing changes in your business. Truly positive changes…

If you use fear in your selling, your customers won’t stick around for very long. They’ll see through the action or plan which is intended to deceive them. They realize the fear is being used to manipulate their response.

Granted, taking an approach of love, education and sharing, takes more time to experience sales results. In the end, it creates a far better environment for you and your business…more importantly your customers.

At the end of the day you get greater personal satisfaction and a more enjoyable business. Thanks for your interest. Yours in continued success…

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