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QR Codes

QR Codes – what if you haven’t heard about QR codes? Well, allow me to briefly explain what qrcodes do and how to use quick response marketing to help your offline business explodeonline…

What are QR Codes? QR code technology uses a quick response code generated form 2d barcode. The special characters you see are barcodes used by a mobile phone, read by software using the cell phone camera…software which is most commonly found on a smartphone.

What the qr code does is it takes information and puts it onto your target audience mobile phone or smartphone. This qrcode is capable of storing more data than the traditional barcodes.

QR Codes Made Easy

QR Codes - Quick Response Marketing

QR Codes - Quick Response Marketing (tm)

Feel free to scan the above qr codes example, the type of data a qrcode is capable of storing are as follows:

  • URL Links – can be your company’s website link or Facebook fan page that was recently set up
  • Geographical Coordinates – can inform your customer about where they can find your store or place of business
  • Text – allows you to communicate important information to your target audience or existing customer base for upcoming sale or event
  • Coupons – you’re able to get creative by sending your customer coupons or discount voucher codes in order to entice them to come in and shop...

All The Lovers – Kylie: QR Codes on exploding milk cups…

The applications for qr codes as a business owner are simply remarkable. You’re able to create printed marketing and add the QR code to your company posters, flyers, tee-shirts, bumper stickers, magazine ads, billboards, websites and more. The possibilities are unlimited.

QR Codes


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