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QR codes and SMS on cereal boxes? Yes Kellogg drives more than 40,000 QR scans and 6,000 texts during its Crunchy Nut cereal promotion…

QR codes – this recent press release discusses how consumers are being enticed to interact with QR codes found on cereal boxes, perhaps a clever ploy used by brand marketers which understood consumers’ usage of cereal boxes…

QR Codes, Business Cards

QR Codes on Business Cards!

Kellogg the consumer packaged goods company recently launched a campaign with Crunchy Nut cereal. The slogan “It’s Morning Somewhere” with 2D QR bar codes.

Kellogg’s partnered with mobile technology company Augme on the campaign. “The primary strategy of this campaign was to create more engagement with the brand via mobile,” said David Apple, chief marketing officer at Augme, New York.

“Utilizing the back of the cereal box is a highly engaging static media touch point that allows users an intimate setting to try mobile and turn the static media into a rich media experience”…

QR codes and cyber cereal – to participate in the campaign, consumers scan a QR bar code on the back of Crunchy Nut cereal with their mobile devices.

Users are prompted to a mobile site where they watch one of 13 short videos, depending on the time of day with the message “It’s Morning Somewhere.”

Consumers can also text CRUNCHYNUT to short code 30333 for a link to the mobile site. To date, the campaign has generated 40,000 QR scans and 6,000 texts to the mobile site with the results of 38,000 videos played and 50,000 page views.

QR codes keeping the campaign simple as Kelloggs demonstrated it has been able to tap into its consumer via mobile…

“It’s surprising QR code scanning is far exceeding SMS engagements, which is a complete shift in behavior year to year, based on the hundreds of programs Augme has run over the last three years,” Mr. Apple said…

QR codes campaign’s effectiveness can be chalked up to a variety of different factors just by the simple use of a QR bar code while consumers leisurely eat breakfast.

QR codes – it all seems like an easy approach for why Kellogg.co has accumulated so much traffic? Simply because it makes good sense to use combined with consumers’ behaviors.

According to Mr. Apple, the goal is to make QR bar codes and SMS a permanent fixture in consumers’ lives via packaging.

“The keyword and QR codes will never change, but the content will and eventually become reward-based by delivering offers, coupons and social interactions”…

The Kellogg’s campaign with Crunchy Nut cereal is only part of the company’s larger mobile strategy; mobile is of course the perfect customer-acquisition tool for creating very unique user profiles based on location and behavior,” Mr. Apple said…and creates more custom content experiences”

QR codes using consumer packed goods to target consumers on a local level is a trend many big-name brands are using.

For example, Procter and Gamble recently rolled out an app to target women shopping for the company’s hair, skin and makeup drugstore brands with tips and exclusive video content.

QR codes via mobile marketing used by Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Red Bull and Kraft pushed deals with consumers in convenience stores using Bluetooth-enabled devices in Canada earlier this year.

“Consumers are seeking mobile engagement and adopting very quickly, retailers and brands involved now can apply key findings and create very specific ROI strategies leveraging mobile,” Mr. Apple said…

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