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Business Software

Business Software – Does Your Business Test, Track and Measure Using Analytics?

John Mignano

Business Software – maybe you’re a small business chomping at your finger nails eager to find out the exact level of detail involved in creating proven and relaible killer money-sucking sites or blogs?

Business software – if you want underground SEO shortcuts…this isn’t for you. If you want a million visitors overnight, this isn’t for you.

Business software – if you expect results within 24 hours…this isn’t for you. If you’re down to your last few dollars…this definitely isn’t for you.

Business Software – why this may not be right for you? 


Business software – so many business people give up on SEO after a few months and for many good reasons. In my experience the big profit pulling wins only come from an in depth online marketing strategy.

Business Software

Business Software


Hold on…good content with link back strategy to your sites or blogs is just the tip of the iceberg and it takes a lot of work.

You’re about to see how business software used in the right way improves results and your business profits. Here is a simple tweak and strategy, simply watch the short video below out…

“Sounds awesome…how much will this business coaching cost?”

Well, how many visitors do you need to send and how to get them there? How many of those visitors who go to your site needs to convert and how to do it?

Exactly which keywords to target to get the traffic you need? How to “structure” your keywords that suck in targeted traffic?

Now, there’s the all-important “mindset” part of goal-setting to ensure you know almost exactly how much income each site created will make…

And what you need to do, step by step in order to get there. The truth is this is actually a seven figure (million dollar) gameplan. Obviously you want to fill your site to bursting point with rich content.

You want to target keywords so your site becomes the “go to” authority site or blog in its niche. You want to smother yoursite with sweet “sticky” traffic from all over the internet.

You wnat to monetize the heck out of it with every cutting edge way to squeeze profits from a simple website. You want to test and track to ensure no money is left on the table.

Business software – you want to create a viral give-away report to act as bait for visitors to sign up. You want to build a list you can profit from for years to come, over na dover again.

How much is this gonna cost you? Your investment is just a tiny fraction compared to the return in investment you can expect. You don’t want cheesy, mass produced throw away sites.

If you want SEO state of the art sites or blogs at a high cash-pulling level that performs like gangbusters, it could easily set you back thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Business softare – this doesn’t even include all the promotions you’d have to do in order to get traffic and build your list. To build a site or blog of this quality it’ll cost you. Full stop or period!

See, you’re not just building a website because it’s an entire sales funnel and optimised business. Think of it like this…

Business softtware, you walk into a store and give the cashier 10 bucks. In return she pops open the cash register and with a smile, hands you $100 in crisp notes. The store sells money at a discount. Now if this really existed… how many times would you visit that store?

Business software – our team of professionals are some of the sharpest and hardest working people online. These guys don’t work for free so once you sign-up we cannot offer any refunds or guarantees.

Business software – this is purely because it would be unfair to the team who have already spent time and energy on putting together your site.

Business Software


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