How to easily boost pizza sales and make SMS/Text messages amazingly powerful using personalised expertly done-for-you mobile marketing solutions:

  • Proven marketing results, cutting-edge designs
  • Optimised mobile marketing landing page
  • Customised thank you page
  • SMS/Text list building script
  • Direct link back to offers or main website
  • SmartPhone redirection added to your website
  • Set-up/installation on our server or yours

Simply click on the SmartPhones listed below.

Yes! We are here to help you unlock more sales and grow your profits. We set-up your SMS/Text landing page. It's all professionally done-for-you, cost-effectively within three to five days for only

Get More Sales with SMS/Text Messaging Using Fast Prospect and Customer Activation System

Yes! Mobile users scan QR code to access mobile coupons direct from landing page for instant results. The fact is, no-matter where they are or what they are doing their SmartPhone is never far away.

Interesting statics show SMS/Text message marketing is one of the most cost effective, targeted way for quickly connect and engaging customers while they’re on the go.

Imagine you get special offers out to everyone on your SMS/Text Message list instantly at the touch of a button knowing 90% open and read your message within 15 minutes of recieving it.

SMS/Text Message Campaigns can Motivate Prospects and Customer to Buy Now!

SMS/Text landing page allows you to run circles around competitors, have a more stable customer base and make a lot more money using a specific SMS/Text messaging service provider where you only pay for texts you send.

We can help you quickly integrate mobile landing pages and marketing campaigns into Customer Relationship Management System so all mobile subscribers are automatically added to your SMS/Text message marketing list.

Now you can take advantage of “text ‘KEYWORD’ to 123456” which allows people to easily send text containing your chosen Keyword to receive an offer via text. It is a fantastic way to build your mobile buyers list fast.

Growing your profits by adding this strategy to all your printed marketing materials means everyone responding is motivated to buy right now and added to your SMS/text message marketing list for producing exceptional results.

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