Why Mobile Website?

Mobile Website

Why your business needs a mobile website?  Because one of the fastest growing activities people are doing on the mobile web today is search. 

A mobile website is a strategic marketing and crucial business tool. In fact, the growth of mobile search is soaring. The big question…what are your customers using in terms of mobile devices (mobile phone choice), android, iphone, blackberry…

How are your customers finding you? If they’re looking for you via their mobile phones be it smartphones, its more important than ever to be positioned to offer an optimised mobile website experience for mobile web.

Mobile Website

Mobile Website - Must be compatible to all mobile devices

Getting a quality mobile optimized website from us is easy and affordable.  Are we going to twist your arm and pressure you? Look, its your choice. We are here to help you make money…

Allow us to help you install your mobile website on your existing domain to save you the extra cost of a second domain. Here’s a sample layout to show the basic structure of a single column fast loading design…

Mobile Website

Mobile Website - Compatible and optimised to fit all mobile devices

What information and special features can be added to your mobile website? Display your company name, logo,  company details, images, click-to-call telephone number, email, contact forms, website address and Google map.

You can use any color theme or match to your exisiting website. We can also install as a package, feel free to click here to claim your own mobile website.

What if a visitor is browsing from a desktop computer or a mobile device? You get a redirect code which detects and automatically displays the most appropriate version of your site or optimized for any specific mobile device.

Simply email for your custom requirements and please include the name of your existing Internet desktop or PC based website so we can immediately review your site in about 24 hours with no upfront fees required by you!

Mobile Website

Mobile Website - Google search on mobile growing 40% per quarter.

Mobile website – as a business owner you’re focused on everyday business, ther’es more than enough on your plate. The reality is your business must use at least one marketing channel. Can your business survive if left behind?

Mobile marketing is the most obvious marketing tool because the writing is on the wall. See statistics below and you’ll quickly agree why mobile easily surpasses the Internet, TV, radio, print, and billboard advertising.

You don’t have to be a marketing genius to figure out a mobile-optimized website puts you in the drivers seat. You’re looking at the big picture here, however, you’re losing a substantial number of customers already…

Lets take a closer look at relevant statistics from the United States (American mobile consumer) to back up what we’re saying is fact:

  • 50 million Americans actively surf the web on mobile phones and growth is accelerating
  • 45% of US cell phone subscribers (equating to 122 million Americans) indicate internet access is a key factor in the purchase of their next cell phone
  • Google search on mobile growing 40% per quarter

If you’re still unsure what to do in regards to a mobile optimized website or would like to see more of our mobile web design packages or mobile website services

Please do your business and customers a colossal favor, visit mobile website FAQ page, phone or email today before your competition does.

Mobile Website


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