Why a Mobile Website Targets Customers?

Mobile Website

A mobile website plugs right into where your customers are. Its no secret mobile marketing has taken over the Internet. Mobile now gets more traffic than Facebook and Google.

Mobile website – Groupon is the fastest growing company in the world right now and Internet Company in history. Why?

Because it’s mobile based…not just kids using these platforms or mobile devices. Mobile website usage grew 88 percent among users aged 55-64 between April 2009 – May 2010.

Everyone is plugged into using mobile phones…be it a smartphone, iPhone, Android or Blackberry, the fact is smartphones and mobile websites are for ready to buy shoppers.

Mobile Website

Mobile Website - Plugis Into Where Your Customers Are!

Mobile Website and Why Text Messages Gets Instant Profits?

If you’re a retailer selling consumable goods, you want to seriously give SMS Text Messaging a good test run in your shop. It’s not uncommon for text messaging to grow businesses by 25, 50 or 100%.

Use your mobile website to grow SMS lists the same way as your email list. Offer an incentive for prospects and customer to give their mobile number, and add to your SMS system.

Is a mobile website – cost effective in terms of communicating with your customers fast? Powerful for business, simple for everyone…

Mobile website example, if you own a restaurant you can offer customers a free appetizer or drink in exchange gor their mobile number. Before long you have hundreds or even thousands of numbers on your list.

Usually in the restaurant industry Tuesday is a very slow day, so you begin sending out text messages on Tuesdays advertising a happy hour deal of some sort…works like gangbusters!

Mobile website using the same tactics for florists (important days, reminders etc…), dentists, chiropractors, ophthalmologists (appointment reminders), community organizations (special events, reminders), list goes on and on.

Mobile Optimised Website

Mobile Optimised Website - Mobile Marketing System

Use your mobile website as a sales funnel or gateway to build a list and serve your customers with text messages, SMS increases sales. Remember, communicating with new prospects and existing customers is key.

Research shows over 95% of text messages are read within the first 10 minutes. When was the last time you didn’t read a text message?

Your mobile website can be your strategic marketing point of contact for more ways you can build a list and serve your customers with text messages to give you their mobile number and add them into your SMS system.

Mobile Website


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