Mobile Web Site For Your Business?

Mobile Web Site 

Mobile web site by 2011, over 85 percent of new handsets will be able to access mobile web. 

Mobile web site for consumers, prospects and existing customers because people are searching for your local business, searching for store locations and buying your products or services… 

mobile web site

Mobile Web Site – Understanding your customers buying cycles via timeline from 1906 to 2020

Mobile web site – people are using their mobile phones to purchase products all the time. In Japan, where technology outstrips the rest of the world, purchasing a product using the mobile phone is very common. 

Mobile web site for your business. Why? Because the biggest most costly mistake you can make as a business owner or marketer is to treat mobile web the same as regular internet…click to watch cutting edge technology!

Mobile web site – iPhone has changed mobile web and Internet landscape forever revolutionising how mobile phone and smart phones are used by people on the go to access the Internet.

Mobile web site with access to an intuitive multi-touch screen, iPhone has significantly transformed the way we communicate, connect and engage.

Mobile marketing – before iPhone´s launch, browsing the Internet from your mobile phone was more of a pain than a convenience.

Mobile web browsing is rapidly changing local business because as a business you need to be positioned as a viable alternative to pc-based Internet browsing from a mobile device…

You simply can’t copy the same format or content ideas from your desktop web site expecting to work the same way in mobile. 

Aside from size, format, and method of delivery the impact of anywhere, anytime communications could give mobile internet and unexpected predominance in the marketplace, bringing us surprising new applications.

Mobile web site if you’re familiar with creating a conventional website, you know that three steps you need are: 

1. An HTML file (which contains your content information and design instructions); 

2. A web server (Internet connected computer where this file resides) 

3. A browser which enables client to view your file the way you intended.

Mobile web site for mobile Internet (mobile web) you practically need the same steps: 

1. A WML file which contains your information (called a Card instead of Page in HTML jargon)

2. A server configured to handle WML files (instead of HTML)

3. A micro browser (screen on a mobile phone).

Mobile web site unlike HTML where each file is one page, a single WML card can contain several pages in a single page format.

Think of a WML file as one long sheet of paper folded into several pages. When the micro browser loads a WML card, it usually displays first page.

Mobile web site, the technical bit is when a WAP- Enabled phone is asked to display a WML file, it calls for a URL. To get a URL a WAP phone calls a WAP gateway, and issues an HTTP request for that URL.

The gateway pulls the response, and displays it on the micro browser. The URL in a mobile web site has the same format and values as URLs in the World Wide Web.

Mobile web site from a marketing perspective, your URL can be your domain name, which can also be your brand name. 

Mobile Web Site


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