Mobile Web or Web Apps?

Mobile Web

Mobile web has advanced by leaps and bounds thanks in large part to increasing use of smartphones, which are capable of rendering and displaying full web experience, emulating traditional Interent.

Mobile web in addition to faster mobile networks provides faster access to mobile web in general through new coding technologies like HTML5.

Mobile optimized websites can take on functionality, which rival that of native apps making use of local capabilities of mobile devices themselves.

Mobile web makes use of a powerful combination of benefits matched with mobile websites or web apps which are device agnostic and can run on any device with a mobile browser.

mobile web

Mobile Web - new coding technologies like HTML5 for mobile websites

Mobile web from a marketing point of view, its far more productive as web app in lieu of a native app for each mobile platform can be highly preferable and cheaper to accomplish.

The location element plays a massive role in mobile web and advertising impact as well. Mobile websites, which can take into account a user’s location can substantially increase its functionality for user and marketer.

It means you can go well beyond waht traditional Internet can offer for the same website. For example searching for “pizza” online gives you a myriad of options, which are most likely not relevant to why you search for pizza.

Doing the same search on mobile web produces results for pizza places around you at that very moment, as well as instant one-click access to maps and navigation tools to get you there. 

This targeting and relevancy is what sets the mobile web apart from the traditional Internet. Being device agnostic and widely available in terms of reach is equally as powerful for business and marketers, right?

Mobile Web


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