Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Mobile marketing campaigns – why plan your mobile marketing campaigns? Why define your mobile marketing campaigns, goals, target audience, offer, metrics, creatives and plan?

mobile marketing campaigns
Mobile Marketing Campaigns – why Google thinks mobile marketing is hot?

Discover how simple mobile marketing campaigns training can significantly increase your success in terms of revenue generating results for your primary mobile marketing campaigns.

Do you every feel like your mobile marketing campaigns are disorganized when it comes to planning and executing to achieve previously set goals?

Mobile marketing camapaigns can get you into a whirlpool of not knowing what to do next, because there is just so much that needs to be done, and tasks, by themselves have different time frames to get accomplished.

Mobile marketing campaigns time which could be invested in growing your business with more and more customers without an organized schedule, it´s just a nightmare.

After reading hundreds of posts related to mobile marketing campaigns in the last few months, I’ve noticed many business owners have a method in mind, and they’re not sure how to act upon and execute their mobile marketing campaigns effectively.

As mobile marketing coach, and strategetic mobile marketing campaigns manager, it is my nature to precisely plan and execute each project with a written plan.

Every mobile marketing campaigns and mobile advertising project can be broken down into 5 major phases.

Below is a short how to guide or plan for executing mobile marketing campaigns and mobile related projects:

  1. Identification of Purpose and Needs
  2. Inception/Research
  3. Planning
  4. Execution
  5. Close-out/Maintenance

1. Identification of Purpose and Needs: Obviously, you are wanting to do mobile marketing to get results, more money, so the purpose should already be established.

The first step in your mobile marketing campaigns is to identify the needs, i.e. how much money do you want to make?

When do you need to make that amount of money by? Choose a realistic goal, like $500 a day within 180 days, and $1000 a day within 365 days.

Take the end date and income, $1000/day at 365 days and work your way backwards scaling down incrementally from your end date. So $1000/day at 365 days, $500 at 180 days, $250 at 90 days, $125 at 45 days, etc.

This will give you a good mobile marketing camapigns scale on which to track and measure how you are stacking up against your planned success.

2. Inception/Research: You should understand why research is key so I won’t elaborate on this because there are quite a few posts here on how to do this. Choose target audience, and decide how you want to mobilize.

Mobile marketing campaigns revolve around knowning precisely knowing your target audience, knowing something about the demographics. It seems to help me write a little bit better if I care about my subject.

You will also need to get a clear picture of your target audience and on the go mobile behaviour for your particular business.

3. Planning is the most critical phase in your project, and how well you plan it will determine your success.a. Schedule: Start off by making a list of all the tasks you need to complete, and how long each task will take.

Keep breaking each mobile marketing campaigns task into smaller task, until it doesn’t make sense to break it down further…give each task a realistic duration to complete.

  • Target Market Research 1 day
  • Monetization Research 2 days
  • Planning 5 days
  • Content or Offer 10 days
  • Campaign Structure 1 day
  • SMS Marketing 2 days
  • Landing Page Design 15 days
  • Logo Design 2 days
  • Social Network Integration 2 days
  • Mobile Phone Compatibility 1 day
  • De-Bugging Codes 3 days
  • Re-publishing 2 days
  • Traffic Generation 90 days

Mobile marketing campaigns – if you want to reach your income goal by the date you have set, you must stick to your schedule. This is the whole point of having a schedule.

If you fall behind, revise your schedule compressing durations to still meet your original project finish date ($1000/day at 365 days).

If you are falling behind on your schedule or consider selecting tasks to outsource. Remember in this game of business time is money.

b. Planning your mobile site: What type of dedicated mobile site will be used to generate your income? Landing page or squeeze Page? etc…

My mobile sites are typically short descriptive information sites, with a squeeze page found by icon based link, with a little bit of time limits sprinkled in to boost income.

b1. Identify your demographic: Mobile website planning can be broken down again into 6 sub-steps…next, what type of people will be most likely buy your product or click your link? Women? Sports Fans? Stock Brokers.

Keep your key demographic in mind during the design phase, and custom tailor your site to meet the needs and likes of that demographic…

b2. Identify your target market’s needs: Most likely, you will need start by analyzing your competition. Why is that necessary? Take a close look at what they’re doing. Write down the key startegies and develop a plan on how you’ll beat their offer.

b3. Mobile Site Structure: Your site must be structured in an easy to read, natural user interface. The easiest way to do this is to use simple icons with text take.

You know, the one click icons with main keyword, then you can branch off from there that way when you’re done, you’ve established a rock solid structure.

b4. Content Planning: Exactly what it sounds like. You need to write a rough outline of the major points you want to make in your content.

b5. Design Planning: Generally, I have a rough idea of what my mobile site should look like before I design.

Mobile marketing campaigns simply take a sketch pad out, and draw out by hand how you want your mobile site to look establishing where icons are going to go…

Mobile marketing campaigns taking into consideration how navigation will look, where content will be and where advertisements will be placed for boosting sales with highest conversions…

b6. Traffic Planning: You need to have a plan on how you are going to get traffic. There are many topics on coveree here on how to achieve this, you can tap into mobile advertsing platform.

You want to plan out how many ads to run each day, and what type of sites they need to come from.4. Execution: Now comes the easy part! You simply take all of your plans paperwork, and put it into a sequentially ordered packet.

This way you have created your own specific step-by-step guide to completing your project, here’s how to executeprojects in the following order:

  • a. Content Generation
  • b. Link Structure Design
  • c. Navigation Design
  • d. Mobile Site Design
  • e. Social Network Integration
  • f. Mobile Phone Compatibility Tests
  • h. Ads, Creatives, Metrics
  • i. Traffic Generation

5. Close-Out/Maintenance: This can be an easy step for mobile marketing campaigns as most are on autopilot when completed. I typically refer to traffic generation as a close-out item in projects. Why?

Because the mobile site is complete, all I need to do is market it. During planning, you should have checked out your competition’s mobile marketing campaigns, and have anaylized their offers including the structure of their mobile marketing camapaigns.

Take a look at their mobile marketing campaigns to determine what you need to do to beat them…continue to get traffic until you’ve achieved your income or revenue goal.Congratulations! You are on you’re way to $1000/days.

Now, are your mobile marketing campaigns complete? Remeber the key to success is not just having ideas, the results come from executing a planned project.

We trust this guide takes some of the uncertainty and guess work out of creating  successful mobile marketing campaigns integrated with your mobile website.

Mobile marketing campaigns you just need to take it one step at a time. Do not move on to the next step until the current one is complete, and do not move from one method to another until you impliment and track results.

Remember, the objective is to get your mobile marketing campaigns mobile, that’s means up and running, nothing ever gets done if you don’t finish one task at a time.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns


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