Mobile Marketing vs Banks?

Mobile Marketing

What’s mobile marketing and Brett King a bestselling author got in common? Brett is a strategic consultant and long time senior industry analyst in the finance sector…

Mobile marketing is all about modality shifts and his latest book BANK 2.0 has received widespread acclaim. Click play button to watch this short eye opening movie as the world of mobile marketing is revealed…


Mobile marketing in a nutshell, do you feel mobile phones are empowering your life in terms of simplicity, better interactions and making your life easier?

Bank 2.0 modality shift is a bestseller in UK, USA, Germany, Japan and throughout Asia now in it’s fourth reprint.

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Mobile Marketing - is it the same as money in your bank?

Brett is a renowned public speaker, blogger and advisor to some of the world’s biggest financial services organizations and leading brands.

Mobile marketing as more people every day are using their iPhones, BlackBerries, Android smartphones, and mobile phones (cell phones) to find companies, research products, and contact businesses.

According to a 2009 comScore study, the mobile user base is over one third of desktop web users. If you don’t have a mobile-optimized website presence you risk losing ground to your competition.

Are you failing to connect with mobile users and missing out on powerful opportunities to extend and strengthen your products and services.

We can help get you up and running fast because a mobile website can:

  • Target new propects, clients and customers
  • Extend your existing services and information to new markets
  • Connect with existing customers and keep them coming back
  • Empower your sales team and staff while out in the field
  • Boost your sales if you rely on regional, local or foot traffic

What mobile marketing does is create rich, dynamic and interactive mobile campaigns, which are flexible and measurable allowing you to effectively interact with consumers on the move. Now that’s money in your bank!

Mobile Marketing


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