Mobile Marketing – How to Use QR Codes

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing– why are you not using QR codes? Firstly, you need to know what are your goals and objectives? How does using a QR barcode fit in? What will qr response codes do for you?

Mobile marketing – start small and always think big, put magic in your customers hand when they scan your QR. As we say at 1 Business Coach, “If you can’t write it down, you probably can’t pull it off.” Be clear so you can implement with focus.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Yes! You need to be clear so you can measure against your goals and objectives before, during and after…QR symbols are scanned with cell phones and need to deliver a better mobile experience. Phones have limitations yet smart phones are the future devices of today.

Your platform and test message marketing (marketing solutions) which is always online with a phone which has a rich browser, is location aware, can deliver video and audio, is used to share information as qr codes (response codes or barcodes) can trigger all these actions and more…

Mobile marketing – always collect metrics. The only way to know if you’ve reached your goals, stayed within your budget, and had an impact with your text message marketing is to measure against your sms marketing campaigns goals and objectives.

Now, you’ve defined your mobile marketing goals, you’ve implemented coherently, build in data collection and analytics so you can quantify your efforts. If you’re selling products or services, can you track transactions driven by QR? You do this for every projects, online and otherwise, so do it for your QR projects too.

Mobile marketing is if nothing else, helps shorten your learning curve and arm you with the marketing skills to keep you moving forward with future efforts. Are you thinking qr codes are a fad? Why even take qr barcodes seriously?

Mobile marketing and qr codes are well established in Japan as well as Europe, which means we’re a little late to the party. Now, if you’re a smart business owner (marketer) and plan your campaigns, you’ll be wise to implement sms marketing (mobile marketing) whole-heartedly.

Create mobile marketing campaigns using coupons, be creative with your qrcodes,  just remember to educate your target audience until QR becomes mainstream. You may well be someone’s first encounter with QR and the mobile web. Make a good first impression…

QR code has built in error correction capability to restore data if the code is dirty or damaged. Four error correction levels are available for users to choose from according to the operating environment. Raising this level improves error correction capability – increases amount of data and qr code size.

The qr code error correction feature is implemented by adding a reed-solomon code to the original data. This error correction capability depends on the amount of data to be corrected. For example, if there are 100 codewords of qrcodes to be encoded, 50 of which need to be corrected, 100 codewords of Reed-Solomon Code are required, as Reed-Solomon Code requires twice the amount of codewords to be corrected.

Mobile marketing – basically Reed-Solomon Code is a mathematical error correction method used for music CDs etc. The technology was originally developed as a measure against communication noise for artificial satellites and planetary probes. It is capable of making a correction at the byte level, and suitable for concentrated burst errors.

Mobile Marketing


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