Mobile Websites Vs Mobile Apps

Mobile Websites

Mobile websites vs mobile apps – what’s the future of mobile websites? Firstly, there’s huge demand because mobile phone useage is almost at critical mass of smart phones. 

Mobile websites for organizations and businesses is a quite new and so you’ve a great opportunity to get in now with your mobile websites…

Mobile Websites

Mobile websites and mobile marketing go hand in hand!

Mobile app vs. mobile website – its all about instant access and functionality because people use mobile web in a similar fashion to the way they’re using desktop Internet. In other words they’re primarily used for browsing.

There are some cases where an app makes more sense as for example: businesses who have a very large and dedicated user base (e.g . Facebook) or solutions requiring special capabilities of the mobile device which are not accessible through web (e.g. gaming).

Mobile websites as in the majority of cases for businesses and individuals will gain more from mobile web route. The development costs are lower, and the potential market size is bigger. Its much easier for people to find your site by using any search engine.

Mobile websites vs mobile app – so if mobile apps are only doing what mobile websites accomplish is this much better from a mobile users point of view? Well, as you know consumers want to browse from mobile website to other mobile sites…

The problem is having to exit out of one application and open up a new app. This is especially relevant if a consumer is wanting to engage with a different online brand, business, product or service.

Mobile devices and especially mobile phones still only have relatively limited memory space. In reality mobile apps take up a lot of available memory. It’s much more convenient for mobile phones users to bookmark their favorite mobile sites in their mobile browser.

Where is the future of mobile apps going? Mobile apps really come into play as iphone, smarphone or android value-added-items like tools and games. Mobile websites continue to be primary and essential for brand awareness and local businesses.

Mobile websites, as the number of consumers are utilizing Internet capable phones such as Blackberry, Androids and iPhone, the numbers are increasing daily, this means more and more companies are now offering their websites and services.

Their criteria is for mobile sites which can be easily viewed on mobile devices without any compatibility hassles. Today’s advanced mobile phones come with significant Internet capabilities such as user friendly GUI, large touch screen along with a mini keypad.

These mobile phones are a hot favorite with users wanting quick access to information at their fingertips while on the move…

Mobile Websites


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