How to Avoid The 7 Most Dangerous Mobile Advertising Mistakes

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising – are you making these 7 most dangerous mobile mobile advertising mistakes in your local mobile marketing and text message marketing?

Mobile Advertising – are you forgetting mobile users are on the go and busy? Customers want fast, easy-to-access information so you want to be targeted and focused on delivering precise information. 

Keep your communications short and to the point using essential words and images to convey your message. You don’t want mobile users reading lots of information… 

This means you can skip over the complicated and lengthy downloads because they serve only to frustrate and annoy your visitors.

Mobile advertising is all about understanding mobile phones are limited.  Unlike their PC cousins, mobile phones are limited by smaller screens and keyboards. 

Typically mobile phones do not have a mouse or printing capabilities and bandwidth costs can be expensive so make sure to keep mobile pages to a minimum. 

You don’t want to ask your mobile visitors to print or download materials to access information which they may find valuable.

Mobile advertising, are you failing to make full use of the mobile phones or smartphones unique capabilities.  While PCs are capable of many tasks, a mobile phone is built to do many tasks in different ways… 

Mobile phones shine at receiving voice, text or email messages and excel at quickly taking photographs or videos no matter where you’re located. 

It is important to design mobile advertising and promotions which allow your customers to take advantage of unique mobile phone features. 

Sponsor photo contests, text-based opinion polls and other creative solutions that reward and encourage customer interaction and loyalty. 

Mobile advertising without optimizing your PC-based website for mobile users is a costly mistake. Have you viewed your current PC-based website on a mobile phone?

You might be surprised to discover content it’s small, difficult to read and very slow to load, plus difficult to navigate. The solution is a mobile website, which showcases your unique mobile products and services.

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Mobile Advertising – one of the most dangerous mistakes to avoid is copying what everyone else is doing.  Let’s face it your business, product or service isn’t the same as everyone else’s. 

So why should your mobile advertising or mobile website be identical to your competitors?  It’s okay to draw inspiration from what others are doing in your industry. 

You want your mobile website to provide you with a unique opportunity to shine.  In fact, your success depends upon developing a unique twist to whats already working for the competition. 

Mobile advertising used in the right way gets your business noticed,  places you firmly ahead of the me-too crowd and provides a compelling reason for people to want to check out your offer.

Mobile advertising is not about hiding your head in the sand.  Although mobile marketing is still in its infancy, now is the time to jump on board. 

Many companies in the 1990s couldn’t see the need to have a website.  Now, it’s almost mandatory for any business that’s serious about their bottom line to own a desktop PC-based website. 

Fast-forward to today and you’ll be leaving a lot of money on the table by failing to develop a mobile website and implementing cutting-edge mobile strategies. In fact, your competition is seriously hoping you don’t.

Mobile Advertising often fails because you don’t promote your mobile site.  You most likely understand how important it is to promote your PC-based website, right?

The same holds true for promoting your mobile marketing site.  The mobile public can’t access your products and service if they can’t find you so it’s critical you take steps right now to develop a mobile presence…

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