Local Marketing | How to Get More Local Customers (Foot Traffic)

Local Marketing

Local marketing and how to get more local customers to your door. The FACTS about consumer Internet usage is rapidly changing. Google and mobile devices are changing customer behaviour…

Local marketing, most people turn to the Internet to locate local products and services. Yellow Pages are now in the background, although gone are days when people pick up the Yellow Pages first to find local business.

Local marketing…think back when was the last time you picked up yours?Internet is often the first place people look when they need to buy… well as you know searching or buying are completely different, right?

Local marketing on mobile devices has truly become an integral part of our daily lives. To give you an insight of how powerful mobile usage is amongst consumers, click to watch video for crictical statistics…

Local marketing via Interent in comparison is almost 250 million searches for products or service, and local search for businesses are performed per day on Google alone:

  • DM News reported that 35% of all Internet searches are local.
  • comScore reported that 90% of local commercial searches result in offline bricks and mortar purchases
  • Online marketing is expected to be 15% of all media advertisement spending in 2013. It’s currently approximately 7.6%.

Local marketing, there are billions of local searches being performed online each month, Internet has surpassed printed Yellow Pages, newspapers, and other traditional marketing methods when it comes to effectiveness. 

local marketing

Local Marketing - trend is heating up with smartphones and mobile Internet access

Mobile marketing has even gone beyond the personal computer…in fact, mobile phone Internet usage is growing at astonishing rates, which we’ll discuss in more detail later in the next report.

Local marketing via global connection created by Internet has changed the way we communicate, get information, and market products and services.

While technology is fascinating, this global connection has also created problems for many local business owners. Mobile marketing to the rescue?

Local marketing and Australian consumers are quickly embracing smart phones and mobile Internet to not only search for local products and services, also share consumer experiences…

Local marketing means recommending local businesses to friends, work colleagues and relatives via smartphone applications and social media.

Local marketing trend via mobile is only going to heat up as Smartphones and mobile Internet access increases with Australian consumers as they further develop their consumer prowess.

Local marketing with access to products or services from mobile local search and social media is today and future…where’s your local business?

Local Marketing