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Is Email Marketing a Leap Of Blind Faith?

John Mignano

How to play the game of business to win! Want to get paid thousands of dollars for sending free email messages?

Firstly,  you want a reliable business software solution that get leads and converts those leads into paying customers to grow your business, right?

Your own mail list is a license to print money.

Now, I’m definitely not talking about sending SPAM, where you get a list of random email addresses and force email down their throat…

Your own mail list consists of email addresses gathered from people who have agreed to receive email from you.

“Jumping Into A deep Cave” is just like building your email list, click to watch and allow me to explain…

You gather specific information about your target market and the go about building an extensive list…

You want the right business management software and small business software resources to handle all aspects…

That’s why the video was included, not just for sheer shock value and of course entertainment.

Simply to give you an overview of how to make the most amount of money with your own list.

The amount of money you can make is determined by how many names you have on your list and the target audience.

If your list has a general audience, such as a humor list, you’ll earn less money per mailing than a targeted list, such as one for small business owners.

For example, I was contacted by one of my list brokers this week taht wanted list owners who would accept $1.00 per click for an advertisement for Apple Computers.

In other words, I’d mail this ad to my list, either as a solo ad or as part of my newsletter, and get paid $1.00 for each person who clicked on the ad and went to website.

I agreed to provide 1,000 clicks for the campaign and mailed the ad firt thing Tuesday morning. I got my 1,000 clicks and the broker will shortly be sending me a check for $1,000.

The total time I invested in making this deal, setting up the ad and mailing it to my list is about 20 minutes.

How do you make the most money with your list?

As I mentioned above, you need to build a targeted list or set of segmented lists. I publish 12 specific newsletters and email daily.

Almost every list earns as much per mailing as other newsletters, but I get to mail it everyday so I can run a lot of ads.

With over 50,000 subscribers, that’s over 1.5 million emails per month. The name of the game is marketing and by targeting small business owners interested in Internet Marketing.

Since this list is focused on a highly sought after market segment, I get a premium for ads to this list.

Some lists consist of a broader audience of people interested in how to win games and electronics online with contents and free offers.

I manage all of my newsletters absolutely free. I send millions of emails each month and I don’t spend a dime to do it.

That covers the free part of sending email…so how do I get paid?

1. I get paid by people who want to place advertisements in one of the newsletters. These people pay in advance for me to send the ad.

2. I run ads that pay me on a per-click basis (like the Apple ad). When these ads are targeted to my audience, I get great click through rates.

Even at $0.20 per click, I’ve run ads that generate over $500 for one newsletter mailing.

You can find per-click ads from with a good flow of 581,556,569 visitors to help you realize the metrics of results based interactive marketing…

And in using a well thought out strategy with marketing coach!

3. I run ads that pay me for performance. In other words, cost per action so people have to click on the ad and then either join a free program or make a purchase.

Once again, when these ads are targeted, they work very well. Even general ads for products can get really good responses.

Two websites for strategic marketing for these types of ad placements are:

4. Why get actively involved in ad swapping? Ad swapping is a great way to build your leads or subscriber base and there are several performance based networks specifically set-up to help you do this.

You may find the greatest success by approaching high traffic volume sites directly and then Esetting-up individual swaps.

For example, I was just contacted by a contest site owner who wanted to swap mailings with a list of 1,000,000 subscribers.

Unfortunately, my list is not that large. Instead, we worked out a deal in which I’m mailing to my smaller list and he is providing 50,000 click-throughs from his site to mine.

These clickthroughs are worth at least $0.10 each so this is a $5,000 worth of advertising I’m getting in exchange for mailing.
That’s why making money begins the moment you start building your mail list. Everybody starts out small.

At the beginning of 2000, my list count was 300 people. Now, we’re approaching 200,000 so I encourage you to take cation immediately.

You can do the same only if you actually get started now.

Follow the basic email marketing and list building strategy outlined with directions and you’ll be able to do it…

You’ll find lots of list owners with small lists so you have hundreds of people to swap ads with…download your free report now!


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