Business Coach

Business Coach

Is your success in business a mystery? Do you believe success is a system? Do you need help and guidance to ensure you start making the income you deserve?

Business coach – you may or may not know how valuable a business coach can be in context to increasing your cash flows and profits. Would you and your business benefit from knowing how to make a lot of money and how to make it fast?

Contrary to popular belief success does not have speed limits…if you know in your heart you deserve to be making more money, we’ve got the proven marketing system for you.

As business coaches, we’re incredibly proficient at engineering new profit centres, income streams, overlooked opportunities, under performing activities and strategic alliances for small to medium sized businesses of many shapes and sizes.

Maximize the value of every single customer. Why? Because it costs eight to ten times more to find a new customer than it does to sell to an existing client.

Thirty percent of your clients buy more of your products or services if you offer at point of sale…so why do the majority of businesses forget about a client as soon as they have bought something from them?

Business coach is all about truth. No matter how blunt, frustrating or painful, we’re straight. Get ready for the moment of truth…if you want massive differences in boosting sales and profits you need to focus on improving these key areas: 

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Capture
  • Lead Follow-up
  • Sales Conversions
  • Repeat Sales
  • Referral Sales

Business coach can help to simplify your marketing activities improving results. It’s the combination of all activities, which produces astonishing results rather than just one activity by itself.

Want to know how to crush your competition, maximizing your visibility, increasing profits, return on investment (ROI) and boosting sales fast?

Do you know what are essential key steps and strategic information you need from your customer database?  What specific market information makes your database even more valuable to your company or business?

Business coach – firstly, do you believe your staff is your most valuable resource? It’s true your company is only as strong as the weakest link.

What are the essential marketing strategies you must do online to successfully compete whether your company is local, national or global?

Do you know or understand the massive difference between a business consultant and business coach? Click play button to watch and learn…

John Mignano - Business Coach and Mentor
John Mignano

Today many companies and business owners are confused and frustrated, working harder and longer.

Are you doing more and more tasks in your business for less return on investment?

Are you…sick and tired of constant grind and stress of longer working hours? Are you ready to explore a business coach?

  • There are business coaches, business growth specialists, business mentors, executive coaches and life coaches…

Which one is the right one for you and your company…for example:

  • Life coach
  • Motivation Coach
  • Goals/Results Coach
  • Employment coach
  • Business coach
  • Strategic marketing coach
  • New Business Coach
  • Entrepreneur Coach
  • Business Turnaround Coach
  • Planning Coach
  • Mission Development Coach
  • Marketing Coach
  • Sales Coach
  • Public Relations Coach
  • Brand Management Coach
  • Promotions Coach
  • Price Strategy Coach
  • Advertising Coach
  • Direct Marketing Coach
  • Corporate Coach
  • Executive/ CEO Coach
  • Management Coach
  • Leadership Coach
  • Board of Directors Coach
  • Time Management Coach
  • Financial/Money Coach
  • Communication Coach
  • Internet Coach

Ask this question: “Do I need a consultant or a business coach?”

Is the difference significant and of any consequence? There is a massive difference between a business consultant and business coach!

A consultant is someone you hire to solve a particular problem you have and is the only one actively solving problems not you (the client).
As soon as client (YOU) has another problem, the consultant is called to solve the problem again…can you see the bigger picture? This means you’re never in control, your relationship is always a dependent one.
You are depending on the skills and experience of the consultant to be able to solve your problems…

The relationship with a business coach is very empowering and always geared towards you (the client) becoming independent from business coach:

  • In a business coach relationship, you (the client) solves problems.
  • Business coach helps you make sense of what’s going on so you can start working on a solution…
  • Business coach strategises and holds their client accountable
Business coach works with you (the client) to help sharpen focus on your strengths so you (the client) can solve your own problems for yourself. You strengthen your management, leadership or entrepreneurial skills.
Business coach is trained to be the opposite of a consultant. A consultant relies on their skills…the action plan is based on their processes not yours.

The business coach is trained to not just to be a passive listener, being another voice, outside opinion, a sounding board and creative partner to help you achieve what you want in the fastest and easiest manner.

Business Coach is trained to not have an agenda, to be neutral and egoless, so the whole process is all about you (the client) Reaching Your Goals To Get Results Faster!

business coach

Business Coach – Understanding your needs and problems, what motivates you…

The consultant is all about giving client the answers. Business coach is all about asking the right questions to get the right solutions specific to you.

The business coach believes they do not have right answers for anyone, yet will listen and ask the right questions to help you make better desisions.

Let’s say for example a client has called both a consultant and a business coach to solve a problem they have.

Let’s say the problem is client can’t reach specific growth targets or increase revenue goals they want…consultant steps in and gives specific suggestions with action plan to achieve the desired goals.

The suggestions would most likely involve identifing some kind of system or process to implement…without discovering what the client truly wants.
Business coach offers a perspective and ensures you (the client) is on a path to achieving what you want…so you’re moving to a whole new level.
Business coach helps client to understand and focus on soltuions to the extent the client is able to create systems which would work best for them.

For example, the consultant may give the client specific processes to go through in order to implement a successful cold call to prospective clients.

The business coach helps the client determine if that were their strength and therefore the best method for the client to use rigourously adhered to to achieve the desired result.

What if the client’s strength is promoting to a room full of people, possibly hundreds of people, feels completely uncomfortable talking to one person via the telephone about the very same problem?
Which do you feel would be the most successful?
Business coach focuses on what works best for your company and for you in terms of your infustructure and business foundations.
The business coach audits and analyses all aspects from marketing, communication, products or service delivery, sales and customer service strengths and weakness to determine the overall operations effeciency.
Business coach analyses staff you have in place and how to improve team building, making sure financials support expansion and growth together with taxation and legals, all key processes need to be systemised…
The business coach gives you a core focus with birds eye view of your risk management and business strategies to reach your objectives faster.
business coach

Business coach – what if 30% is on the low end of business growth with higher profit increases in one year.

It is clearly shown training alone can increase productivity by 20 per cent; if training is combined with business coaching productivity increased by a massive 80 per cent.

Want to find out how to reduce advertising costs? Want to know how this can happen in your companys this year and every year moving forward?
Now, let’s get perfectly clear here because this service is not for you if you are only interested in wasting time, price shopping, skeptical or curious.
If you need to simply your goals, spark a huge, electrifying surge in your revenues and cash flow simply answer these three questions:

1. How much did your company generate last year in sales and revenue?

2. Is your company profitable, growing, flat or declining in this economy?

3. Can you briefly explain your sales funnel and follow-up process, how it works for new leads to become customers or clients in your company?

Include your phone number and best time to call. I’ll review your answers and my assistant will call you back to set up a time where you’ll get to explore strategies to help grow your business by 30% or more this year.

Want to strengthen your leadership, personal foundation, reduce stress, enrich your life, make better decisions, become a better business person? Use form below or email (subject line) Business Coach. Yes! I Want Help

What’s your next step? Are you ready to get results faster? Do you really want to make massive changes in the way you get customers, boost sales and increase profits? Do you want more financial success?

If you’re seriously ready to take action and get results faster in terms of more customers, generating higher income and revenue with bigger ROI, our professional business coach service is definitely for you.

Take action now…simply use form below to verify your interest in a strategy session or email (subject line) Business Coach…Yes! I Want Help.

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